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  1. well if there was anything to do... we are in our quite period, there was that little to do yesterday I went home to at lunch!
  2. work has just started censoring websites that i can look at so no gun shopping for me anymore (unless i use my phone obvs )
  3. I thought that myself but a guy on Devt6 said it was very comfy and there is a backer you can get if its that bad, it is S&S so probably cost more than the carrier so i could just make one out of an old camping mat or some such? edit nope i just checked the flotation backer is only $31 so i could always get one it it really is uncomfortable.
  4. I'm waiting on a replica S&S plateframe from weapon 7.62 https://www.weapon762.com/plate-carrier/781-tmc-kydex-frame-carrier-with-plate-dummy.html it was "in stock" when i ordered it but they have been very prompt in communicating and they said they should have more in a couple of weeks
  5. The moral of this story dont suitcase where you eat...
  6. food, good coat and a friendly young lady are my prescription for you this evening, the first 2 are probably by far the easiest to source
  7. Do you need some calories? my brain goes to mush once im out of energy, some times on the drive back from airsoft it feels like my brain and mouth have been disconected until i get in and get some food down me?
  8. Mate of mine moved into a new build "eco house" its 10 years later and there are still issues half the estate has had to literally be rebuilt I think there are people on the estate that are in hotels even now!
  9. The thing that gets me is you can have, say a massive coffee table for like £12 and then they have some small tea light candle holder and its £25 their pricing doesnt seem to make any sense?!?
  10. The cheap Ikea food is the best thing, their dirty hotdogs are awesome
  11. in answer to Scorch and Shmook why do girls wear make up and perfume because they're ugly and they stink....
  12. gotto love the GPMG very nice indeed
  13. I admire your restraint and yes I am the walking cliche you've just described 2 416's a 417 and yes a MK18 and a sopmod block 2 all strapped up with all the ###### you can think off! I am a bit anal with details though a while back I had an LWRC M6 which is 6.8mm in real steel and everyone was like "nice gun, needs some Pmags to finish the look" and i was like "you cant get RS Pmags to take 6.8 rounds so GI mags it is" ha ha
  14. very nice, i cant help thinking it looks too bare but that's my own mil rifle affliction.
  15. having had my phone die a death recently from a fall I was looking at otterboxes for my new one, so good work decision made!
  16. I also Play at the same sight as Scortch, well marshal mostly these days, But I completely agree he slotted in like he'd been slinging plastic for years, I've had a couple of issues recently that i have shared on Facebook (I need to talk about stuff when it affects me and living on my own FB was the only outlet) and both times he sent me messages offering support its such a tragic loss. I say we play hard Sunday in his honour, what you recon Scorch?
  17. If only I had photoshop skills, and a picture of Scorch in a DJ with a PPK....
  18. Paranoid droid, I hate to say it but I half think you're right...
  19. Awesome Pics Johny i'd love to be able to go wandering through the hills in full kit
  20. there were 500 of us in rolled up newspaper in middle of road......
  21. I tried to read the book and got like 10 pages in and i just couldn't do the concept, I tried I really did but no
  22. that is utter rubbish, I feel for you, with half the world shopping done online you'd have thought the post would be on it these days!
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