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  1. May have to give that a shot, but don't think that'd work. Maybe a different battery configuration. Have to get one custom made maybe. Cheers D.
  2. Great review mate. I'm absolutely lovin' my ICS 552, except for the battery issues. 8.4v don't fit. I read that the ICS metal RIS front end would allow for a bigger battery. Got one for £65 from Firesupport (Top cats!)fitted it, but won't even fit my 9.6v mini. I'm digging the full metal- so does anyone know exactly how I get mine to fit a 9.6v mini? I don't wanna go LiPo, and I am rubbish at modding stuff. Cheers!
  3. Need more cowbell.

  4. pacino

    AGM M4 GBB

    Just took delivery today of the AGM M4 Stubby (063). I ordered it from RSOV and also ordered 2 extra mags (the lightweight versions at $29.99 each). I asked when I ordered if they could check the mags for leaks. They must have done this because all mags were perfect. I have run them all 3 times and so far no probs. The Stubby is great too. The rail depth don't match up, but a small price to pay. Just thought you might wanna know.
  5. Sort ya profile out fella!

  6. Excellent review again, Fareast..... Pleeeease keep us updated as to when this will be available!
  7. Thanks for the review mate- Got mine delivered a coupla days ago and I'm well happy. You are right about the battery tho'....I got the one you linked to and had a real bit*h of atime gettin the end caps on. Until I realise it was the wrong way 'round! Anyways...+1 from me!
  8. Mate, I will AVOID YOU LIKE THE PLAGUE if you turn up with that!! Or at least beg to be on your team!!! Great review BTW.
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