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  1. Evike apparently has real sword AKs. Someone buy one and sell it to me for less.
  2. i guess ill save up for one, it does look at least better out of the box than a Tippmann and has more parts made in house than Umbrella. They do look like they really need help though. their website is riddled with typos and since the CEO is one of the guys assembling the rifles, they must not have a lot of staff. I'm considering sending them my resume, but they don't appear to be looking for any extra help. I dont know if i want to live in utah, but i do have a friend that lives out there i could bunk with.
  3. You're working more with metal now dude? How did you machine the receiver and make the barrel bands?
  4. There's also the case that the CA locking mechanism sucks and breaks easily.
  5. Lol, no way! I totally thought that prop was hydro dipped. That is what I thought of. Nobody likes ACU except on an AA12 because of that movie. And now that I look at it in production stills, it's pretty obvious.
  6. couldn't bring yourself to get it hydrodipped?
  7. i like the AEG AK grip size. i have always thought real steel AK grips were way too thin. still cool though and would like to try one. anybody know the TPA of the armatures btw?
  8. Have any of you guys been using airsoft copies of the optics or the real optics? i want to put a red dot on my marui G17, but dont know what to choose or if i would have to save for something real. what would you guys suggest?
  9. ninjafied pistols are cool again. give it a year and i think people may stop putting red dots on pistols again.
  10. That's really nice. For some reason I like 1911s with unthreaded barrels that extend out past the bushing. Plus, the shortened slide with the grinds at the front looks really good.
  11. I adore short classic 5.56 HKs. The absolute minute someone releases a steel hk53, I'm snapping it up. I really want the LCT G3, but I would rather a 5.56 model.
  12. If it's anything like the Marui, which it sounds like, you take it apart piece by piece. After you get the Phillips head screw out, you remove the nozzle return springs. Then you slide the plate at the bottom backwards and it pops out. Then you can remove the nozzle and walk the safety out of the slide. Though, you should be able to get the barrel in after removing the nozzle.
  13. Idk, I can't figure it out Right clicking and copying the URL and asking Google images to produce a sharable link doesn't work.
  14. Photobucket just shot down my hosting so none of my hot links work anymore.
  15. It does look like an Ares. Internals were posted on popular airsoft https://www.popularairsoft.com/news/non-krytacak-kriss-vector-aeg-spotted
  16. I got en email back from KIC and the didn't tell me anything about it. They didn't say they didn't know anything about it, and only said they have the Krytac available. and their price is exactly the same as it is in the us, so I think they probably can't really even sell this mystery vector openly in Taiwan.
  17. Yes, I meant A&K. Sometimes I get A&K and JG mixed up in my head. Where can we learn more about this mystery vector? Edit: I found your Reddit post and I guess not. I guess I could just email KIC and see what they know. I have a feeling you'd be able to find out who made it by taking it apart, but I don't blame you for not wanting to. Edit: I emailed KIC, well see if they know anything and are open to talking about it.
  18. Do you actually know what brand it is? Looks much nicer than the JG did last I saw it.
  19. I bought one off of Moihobby.com It took a month and a half to get a tracking number, but then it arrived 3 days later. Shipping was super reasonable and other people said the shop was ok. I assume they had to special order it. I personally hate the design. You can't remove the hopup unit without risking damage to the feed ramps. But it otherwise feels very nice.
  20. If the slide sticks rearward, it may be the outer barrel. Next time, try smacking the muzzle and see if that frees the slide. Happens on mine with a steel barrel and aluminum slide. I have to figure it out or maybe get a threaded aluminum slide instead of this steel one.
  21. Not sure if this is an error or something that was just overlooked, but i have infinite cloud storage on Google Images thanks to owning a google phone and id like to just stop using photobucket since all the pics i take are uploaded to google images already. Is it possible that google images could be looked into? whenever i grab a sharing link for one of my pics and post it here i get an error message saying that the type of file is not allowed.
  22. IDK, i can see that the V2 uzis have the same bolt as mine now, but i distinctly remember 3 generations. the first being closed bolt, the 2nd being open bolt but still with the striker plate and 2 recoil springs, and a normal GBB pistol cylinder, and this as the 3rd generation with the singular recoil spring and the loading nozzle riding inside the cylinder. am i mistaken?
  23. Horsem4n

    CZ Picture Thread

    There are things you can do to keep the ARES gearboxes in good shape. They are a little more brittle than any other stock gearboxes, but not much more so. Usually radiusing the front corners of the cylinder window and adding a shock absorber between the cylinder head and piston head will do it. If I didn't respect RC so much, I'd own one of them, though I don't know much about the limitations of their fet switches. Though, if I end up with a real one, I'll buy an airsoft one. Still deciding if I want a VZ58 or to build an AR15. My state has restrictive laws about owning semi auto rifles. Pre
  24. Yeah, you've got the massive bolt moving forward that makes the gun jump up a bit before letting a round off. I don't plan to use it for long ranges. And if I do have to shoot at someone over 150 feet away, they are getting a burst of full auto. I kinda like the hop up design. Basically already flat hopped. The dude broke the original adjuster though and replaced it with the back end of a bic pen cap. It does work so it's kinda cool.
  25. I haven't fired it yet. The previous owner worked on it and I want to check his work first. I'm pretty sure the hop up doesn't work right now so I want to make sure firing it won't tear the bucking.
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