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  1. Rebuilt my mk18 mod 1 onto one of my ICS platforms, which also doubles as the lower for my URX recce build. Also acquired a second ICS, this one a m16a3 that will be turned into a mk12 mod 0.
  2. My cybergun (VFC) M&P 9 with stipple job done by me. Debating whether to strip the slide and paint/cerakote it black to match my RS M&P (2 tone, FDE frame with black slide) or leave it as is...
  3. Whoops, didn't notice the S&W thread on the next page...my apologies! Great guns in here guys!
  4. can't believe I forgot to post this bad boy up...got rid of the 17 (pictured above) and grabbed a 45 (I own a real 45, so it only made sense to switch airsoft over to a 45 also)... For the sake of the photo's, real Glock has the TLR-1 and airsoft has the M3X. I do actually have a tlr-1 rep for the airsoft as well, just figured it would make the pictures a little less..."confusing"...if they had different lights! The G45 is an Umarex (VFC), and is pretty faithful to the real one. The one thing I "don't like" is that the real steel backstraps do not fit (at least
  5. LPVO and Geissele mount have been added to the URX 3.1 build
  6. I somewhat recently turned my A2 into an SD2...NO GOING BACK!
  7. My new to me ICS SG551. I've always loved the 550, but know that those are like finding a unicorn in a hayfield, and never really grew fond of the 552...so when I saw this 551 for sale I jumped on it! don't really have any big plans for it...it supposedly has an upgraded barrel, hopup, and lonex motor (I have yet to rip into it). Eventually I'll open it up, reshim it, and give it a good look...but so far just handling it, I love it!
  8. kept going back and forth about painting the mod 1....so I settled and painted half of it! I also have an LPVO on the way for my URX 3.1 build (ICS PCR97 base..the old school gray body version, not the new)... so once that shows up I think all my rifles will officially be...dare I say..."finished!" (so that just means I have to come up with a new build lol)
  9. I now have 3 for this category... Custom Gordy's built on a WE XM177. Have a car-15 roll mark stencil on the way to electro-etch the lower... Custom built (frankensteined) SD...yes, it will be painted soon. Original Classic Army MP5 (circa ~2000) started life as an a2, is now an sd2.
  10. My AVS setup...pretty different from a normal AVS... The setup is Zshot plate bags with a Crye AVS padded yoke, Ronin Tactics elastic cummerbund, TMC repro of crye stretch pouch placard, and a TT abdominal pouch. The setup is super comfortable, super modular, and super versatile. It bridges the gap between my CPC and my JPC...it has the comfort and load bearing capabilities of the CPC while being slim and sleek like the JPC...dare I say it's the best of both worlds...
  11. Finally re-stippled my storm airsoft arsenal G17...if anyone knows about the SAA the factory "stipple" job looked like someone just took a 3D pen and laid down some cross hatching. No actual grip texture and didn't even look that great.
  12. Ended up with two more... The mk18 is a 13.1 build for trigger response. The basic *albatross* m4 is an old ICS PCR97 (split gearbox etc) that I will be building into a sopmod block 2 once I get rid of the S.I.R. As for the mk18 mod 1... I have a blank body on the way that will get M4 trades electroetched on and then a paint job for her and she will be "done"
  13. My CA MP5a2, one of the original v1's from like 2000/2001ish Negative, G3 lowers are longer and have 2 pin holes in the back, not 1 like the MP5.
  14. And my range, duty, and larp belt is all finished Belt is an AWS LAB with kywi 2+1 gap, idogear blowout (lbt repro), safariland ubl with qls, and an sof-t banded by the buckle.
  15. Because woodland and coyote is always a sexy mix. And my multicam's new configuration set up to get down
  16. My Gordy is finally finished... And so is my SIR..
  17. One step closer...just need the aimpoint and flashlight now
  18. Got a WE XM that I'm slowly turning into a bhd-esque build. Threw on a mk12 flash hider and collar so I could use a ops inc 12th can on it (I like the newer mounting system better than the period correct 2 piece clamp style collar...much more secure mounting). Next up is an aimpoint, and I'll probably do some XM trademarks on the lower too.
  19. 2004 here...for this board. I've been into airsoft since pre 2000..hell, some of you guys in here may even remember airsoftzone forums...Ahh the good old days when TM was your only option lol
  20. My ferro Slickster is gone and this took its place...
  21. (Ignore the guns, they're all real) Ferro slickster with a MCTropic mk3 placard AWS OCPC carrier The belt is an AWS LAB. I use it for work but with the safariland qls it makes it a good option to use for airsoft too.
  22. Somehow I now have more Russian guns than I do American guns... At the moment the WE SVD is a bit of a project gun...once I get it functioning properly I'll decide whether to keep it or not. Of course if I keep it I will probably end up with a PSO on it...
  23. Ze German's are coming! That mp5 is my first ever AEG (an original CA I bought back in like 2001/2002ish?) I've been debating going ris and tossing a t1 on it or just keeping it as is for that classic look. (The USP is real steel, and I know the Glock isn't an HK lol but I'm down to only 2 airsoft HK's now..)
  24. Finally got around to stripping the paint off my WE colt lower (MK18)...after getting all the spray off and hitting it with some 00 steel wool, I decided not to repaint it. I quite like how it looks now. No shiny black paint and slightly battle worn...I liked it enough to take some detail pics...
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