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  1. It's only occasional on mine ands its not always a bad thing...
  2. I bought one; RSOV used too much orange... but I'm still in love with the gun. I pretty much agree with the initial review, and initially, the safety/decock were both extremely hard to activate, but after doing it several times, it has broken in, same with the magazine catch. My white dots are fine, they're painted inside the circular indentations, its just that they're not as deep as I would like... For the safety, mine sometimes engages... but if i press the trigger extremely hard (much harder than I would normally pull to fire), then occasionally it fires. But this was an issue with the ori
  3. Nice, I like it! Tell us more about it
  4. It's not. There's a separate page for the clone RRV. I have the clone RRV in Multicam and the build quality is excellent, certainly on par with Pantac gear. I bought a MAP pack to go with it, but I had to customize some of the attachment points by switching around some buckles and rerouting some of the harnesses. Now it works great.
  5. Does anyone know if the KSC/KWA USP will still fit in a Serpa holster if it has the "for USP full size flame" rail adapter attached? And also where to buy the rail adapter
  6. Does anyone know if the KSC/KWA USP .45 full size can still fit into a Serpa holster with the rail adapter attached? Thanks anyone who can help.
  7. Hey evansy! Which pistol stand did you use that fits the KSC USP? Is it stable?
  8. When I asked my local store about it (Steelhawk Airsoft), they said the same thing... but it appears the WE M4 is still making it's way to the US... just not through the large retail outlets. I was wondering why Evike stopped selling them.
  9. Ebaybanned.com has them on sale for $45 or so.
  10. Hey USCM, are the MIAD's and CTR's in Foliage Green color?
  11. How much for the whole package and how much just for 3 mags?
  12. I'm very interested in clearing this up too. Can't wait till more videos are posted. Maybe a similar RATECH one would be good; have them do the same video, except use this "heavy" "stock G&P" bolt.
  13. I don't think you can play angel either... you were asking him to PM you... thereby not letting anyone else know. But it's a trivial thing, better to drop it.
  14. There are a number of reasons why the bolt might not be catching, anywhere from the magazine follower, to gas problems. I wouldn't call it unreliable just because of a small, noncritical malfunction like this. Also, I believe you bought the first version, which might account for some problems.
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