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  1. Great seller! I love my new M.E.U.!

  2. Snake ill get the gun done soon enough Also, i have the KA TD grip, it does wobble however that has never slowed me down while shooting people, so it doesnt bother me. And while im here might as well show mine -Maria(before) After (whoreish magpul junk)
  3. Yes it is, i actually got it off Evike off all places. 1of1, or so they say. As the other Ka M4's have the navy trades on them
  4. Just got back into airsoft, didn't mess around in buying the new gun.
  5. Only have and use 2 guns. Doesn't mean that one of them is worth a few more guns
  6. Well it's not a camo paint job, and prolly not the best. But i doubt you'll see many more like it Did spend a bit of time painting every indivdual piece. Anyone looking for a functional burst chip?
  7. Thanks all. Its a G&P 10.5" i believe, the long RAS makes the barrel look smaller then it actually is
  8. Just messing around with a some accessories. If i end up liking vertical grips, ill get a Tango down or something
  9. Bought a M3 retractable stock from him. Great seller

  10. Great seller, gun showed up in great condition :)

  11. Yep its a 511.A65 The "replica" eotech's are just red-dots, like a Aimpoint. Speaking of which Here it was before with the G&P Aimpoint
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