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  1. I use them quite often, not far from me so I go down for a nosey! very friendly, well stocked, well priced! with the added bonus of being a sports wholesaler too, walked out with oakley gloves and a new rugby shirt last time! lol
  2. Sweet! I also posted this in the SADF Rodesian thread, others have used him and have been very happy with his service, seems standard his fast turnround of kit! result!
  3. Well, first time i've ever felt compelled to put down in words how happy I am with my find! CamoCorp These guys are a south African based retailer, dealing in all sorts of different cammo patterns, but specifically in harder to find, "nutria brown" gear, for those doing SADF or District 9 loadouts. Bit daunted at first, dealing with a site that sounded too good to be true... I was informed I might struggle to find 80's SADF uniform full stop! but to find them in my size, reasonably priced ect, sounded too good to be true! Emailed the owner, Albert, who responded same day, very frie
  4. And personally, both mine and BigBC's comments only go to enforce your "fyi" for newbie's who think buying a cheapsoft copy of more expensive kit will still offer the same levels of protection, you yourself posed as the prime example of this. I see no smoke, nor a hint of flames. Neither do I see any of the comments going off topic, this could build to being quite an informative thread... if you would let it.
  5. your right fella, you can buy rated eye protection for around a fiver, most cover you to EN166-F1, fine for low force impact... which 500fps is not. Pay a little more, and go for the proper safety standards, ANSI, quoted from the Oakley website as they lay it down in simple terms "For the high-mass impact test of ANSI Z87.1, a 5-inch metal spike (17.6 ounces – more than a pound of weight) is dropped on the lens from a height of more than four feet." Now facing 500fps seems a little less daunting, would I buy copies? no, plinking, i'd prob use the screwfix goggles, skirmishing, esp
  6. I can't believe you value your eye sight at $30....!
  7. Happy birthday!


  8. nice, its the simple things that sometimes make the best effects! like it a lot mate! did you buy anything else? shipping at $40!?!?!
  9. they are deffo made in the Midlands, by one of Phils mates, he also does custom made parts for aegs, i'm just about to order an xm177 flash hider in a neg thread for my m16 project gun
  10. nah, they wont clone it, if they would, you'd think they would have flooded the market with bfg clones by now, must be something to do with it being a pyro... dunno. Anyway, anyone wanting any more info on these, the only place you can buy em is here, and Phils the man to ask, he'll talk about them for hours if you let him! dont blame him though, its good to have pride in your creations! TLD GR20 Distraction Device (bang in a can!!!)
  11. nah, that fizz is over well before you toss it, these things are awesome! Mines a chrimbo prezzie, but Phil's quite happy to show off the nade to anyone interested, its a cracking bit of kit, beautifully made, solid as a rock, and so versitile, once you own the nade, refills are a bargin, and the options soon avalible will rock! Genuinely, this is probably the coolest peice of airsoft kit released this year! impressive, seeing as its a British born and bred product! And it does look the dogs danglies!
  12. Unbelievably good service!!! a credit to Arnies and a top bloke too!

  13. I use one of these An Oregon Scientific, Toys R Us were knocking them out at £50 not long ago, bargin!
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