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  1. Me on Sunday's Game hosted by Darklite~ Pew Pew Pew~ Juggernaut game Darklite as Juggernaut~
  2. Picture of me in a game last Sunday. Tiger stripe + AOR2 + CB works quite well I think~
  3. It's okay Darklite. You can give them all to me.
  4. Hey Imperator Thank you! Glad you like the camo. The camo is call Hexcam VIRAL, it's a camouflage designed and developed by me and Noa. If you want to know more, visit our facebook page https://www.facebook.com/ObliteratorIndustries
  5. My WE AK PMC GBBR. Modded and Upgraded by Darklite.
  6. From what I heard @ bunny, they agree with you. The Zenitco Pistol grip is very uncomfortable.
  7. Azura actually makes one For GBB AK in Aluminium, and it's only $28HKD. http://www.bunnyworkshop.com.hk/airsoft/Asura_Dynamics_RK_3_AK_Pistol_Grip_for_AK_GBB_Series
  8. *Shameless Pitch for my camo lol* Anyway~ King Arms Based Mk18 Mod 1 with Madbull FDE Rail + all the ACM Bing Bing. OPURATUR./s
  9. I actually was looking up yesterday night to see what brand that pouch was, I will check it again for you later tonight And just letting you know, the pouch can just able to fits a Gas Bottle. EDIT: I remember now, it's a Diamondback set that I got 2nd handed, I tried looking on their website but couldn't find it thou....
  10. Finally got the time to take a proper picture of mine KA Mk18 Mod 1~
  11. Flyye FAPC Gen 1 + GGG Triple Mag Pouch + Source 3L Hydro
  12. It has been a while since I posted~ Here is me with my KA based Mk18
  13. Currently my KA M4 is being fixed by Darklite *thanks bro~* MRF, I am still running AEG, so you are not alone And Katotaka, I am curious, may I ask what do you do for a living?
  14. You are correct, the Front pin secures the upper, the rear secures the gearbox And thanks xD You won't believe how many 2nd hand airsoft stuff are being sold in HK 2nd hand forums right now. People will sell their stuff 20% off when they have bought them like 2 or 3 days before.
  15. Thanks BigAI But i think it could be a China Made, well, either way, I have the gearbox opened up and it's ready to be upgraded > SO EXCITED.
  16. Thanks Master Yoda The Rail is a Pain in the A**E to install thou, and I couldn't install the gas tube/block since the hole on the body does not align with the rest.
  17. So today I went and did some shopping~ All of these are 2nd hand and wala Spent 95USD for everything (50USD for the gun, 25USD for the rail and 20USD on the Eotech) +/- 10USD shown on the gun... and there are work that still need to be done to it such as new inner barrel, fix the no single fire issue and rewire the gearbox so it's a rear wired. Now, would like some of your expertise here, the guy who sold me this gun told me the gearbox is King Arms, which it is. Front End is CA (swapped with a KA LaRue 9'') and so is the stock. However, he told me that he doesn
  18. Thanks for the praise mate I just used a flash gun mounted on my Canon 500D, have it bounce the light off the ceiling and back down again. I actually took this photo on the floor That black background is actually the door for the hallway lol. Afterwards, I tuned the image in PS a bit, did some de-saturation and sharpening.
  19. A very Old Picture of my Detonic <3
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