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  1. Thanks for the review. Looks like a good rifle.
  2. Can't wait to see how it does. These new AEG's are starting to make my brain explode. Which to get!
  3. How many AK's do you have there? I counted 25 and 1 Galil
  4. AK #1: I just threw up in my mouth. AK #2: Meh. AK #3: First FULL STEEL Dboys AKS-74U I've seen so far. How is it? Does the stock crack and does it feel solid? Edit: Oops, just saw posts below. That Krinkov is t3h sechs. Now all you need is some plum mags
  5. My RK104 does not take MAG magazines. I tried at least 5 and none worked.
  6. How did you mount that side mount onto your RK104? I'm trying to do it but it appears that the gearbox will interfere with the screws. How hard was it for you to mount that? Thanks.
  7. I am happy to report the cocking handle is fixed (only took long enough) and now you can fully rack it and release it without any worries. I wrote a review for everybody here.
  8. I am happy to report the cocking handle is fixed (only took long enough) and now you can fully rack it and release it without any worries. I wrote a review for everybody here.
  9. Thanks! If anyone has any questions about the gun feel free to ask them, as I will absolutely answer them.
  10. Heatsheild: Not much to say really. Solid, full metal, yay. Front Iron Sights, Block, and Grenade Sights/Gas Regulator: Pretty solid. Full metal. Can be adjusted for elevation with a regular front sight adjuster (can’t put my finger on the name). It’s hexagonal if that helps. Now the grenade sights/gas regulator I found to be a pain sometimes. Although it is a nice esthetic touch, it can easily be moved and get in the way of your aim if you jerk the rifle to violently or fast. It is pretty cool though I have to say. Finally, Barrel, Flash hider, Sling Mount, etc.: Full met
  11. Magazine, Magazine Release, etc. The magazine release is small, but that doesn’t matter and it gets the job done. The magazine is extremely nice and has a very professional-looking finish to it. It matches the rifle nicely and sits in the gun very easily with very minimal wobbling. When you press the magazine release, it doesn’t drop right out of the gun sadly, but don’t get me wrong, the magazine is very nice. Transitions are smooth and very easy. Yes, Now Finally the Blessed Cocking Handle: I have good news. It’s fixed! Yay! No really, the flimsy
  12. Rear Sight and Block: The iron sights are kind of blocky and impossible to adjust without some sort of tool. I tried with just my fingers, which was a stupid idea and resulted in a big owwie. The sight structure however is based like an M4, being that the sight can be flipped back and forth for long range and close range shooting. Not sure on exact distances though. Maybe you can figure that out Looking through the sights gives a clear picture though and would be very practical for use in a skirmish. Oh, and one thing I would like to add to that. This is real
  13. STAR FN FNC Review I’m going to start with the where I got the gun and how it got here: Retailer Purchased From: I purchased the STAR FN FNC from PV Airsoft for about 395 USD and paid about 72 USD for shipping (I live in the U.S.). The total came steep, but I knew I had to get the rifle. It got here about 5 days later after anxious waiting in a green paper box surrounded in a lot of tape (I threw that out, so no picture, sorry L ). Now for the packaging: Packaging: The packaging I have to say was very inconspicuous and customs never thought twice about it. All it was wa
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