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  1. The G&P one was the only one that wouldn't need too much work. The knock pin placement on the G&P barrel was in virtually the same position as the KWA one. The madbull and hurricane outer barrels I had floating around would have needed too much work to accommodate the position of the knock pin and the KWA hop unit.
  2. Here are the others. [/url]">http:// [/url]">http:// [/url]">http://http://s263.photobucket.com/user/Seanew/media/Airsoft%20Sales%202013/DSCN0982_zpsd5467425.jpg.html'>
  3. Here you go. I'mhaving the 4 inch barrel extension anodized so here it is with an AAC suppressor. [/url]">http:// [/url]">http://http://s263.photobucket.com/user/Seanew/media/Airsoft%20Sales%202013/DSCN0984_zpsaa49e19a.jpg.html'>
  4. I'm uploading the photos to photobucket, given our download speed here it may take a while.
  5. I've replaced the barrel in mine with a G&P CQBR barrel and a custom barrel extension. The thinner profile of the CQBR barrel has allowed me to fit a 3 piece 11.1 lipo in under a Geissele SMR MK2 rail.
  6. There is a little cut off leaver in the mag well that needs some lube on it. The is a you tube vid of it http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hJuMnT926e4
  7. Ditto, run mine 226R with X300 in a Safari land on a UBL.
  8. The problem will be the fitting around the barrel nut. You may be lucky if it fits over the TM barrel nut. With all the other versions not a hope as their barrel nuts have to great a diameter.
  9. The M27 rail will only fit the newest versions of the VFC/Umarex HK 416's, it definitely doesn't fit WE, Hurricane or the older VFC HK 416's. Whether it will fit the TM one is anybodies guess until someone tries it. The barrel piece is CCW threaded.
  10. Not unless you know someone who could mill an adaptor. The stock tube fits onto the receiver like the RS one, the receiver is threaded to take the stock tube like PTW or M4 GBBs but has a relatively much wider diameter.
  11. No, Stock tube is bigger than those on 5.56 versions to replicate full size 7.62 bolt assembly.
  12. Definitely not a KWA HK45. I would agree that it is more likely than not a RS HK45c.
  13. Boom3r


    Just a minor point but are these compatible with the Crye Precision gun clip like other Glocks?
  14. Looks like either a B&T Rotex III .308 or Rotex V .308.
  15. Not present on UK spec ones.
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