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    TM M4A1 Carbine (Systema metal body, ACOG Scope)
    TM VSR-10 G-Spec (CA bipod, Mojji 3-9x40 scope)
    ICS MP5A3 (Reflex sight, Silencer)
    KSC USP Compact
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  1. For the UK guys; where are you picking your 5-7s up from, or are you importing?
  2. Curse you for reminding me about the MP7. I was going to hold out for a GBB MP7 but I feel I may have missed the window. Tried any other optics on it yet?
  3. I do like my USPc. That a new one?
  4. Why hello there. This is the sort of thing I'm working towards. Oh god why does the postage strike have to be on.
  5. Excellent info. I'm picking up an ICS M4 soon and was wondering about the UBRs interface.
  6. vince

    3D Models

    How come I didn't know about this thread sooner? All of the following was for The Armamenet Project, all the models are available free for download yadda yadda.. More up on the site in .max .obj and .3ds formats.
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