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  1. @Pkekyo-Nor What color it that? PepperStone? Tnx
  2. Hey put some better pics of that WAS plate carrier, I've seen it on UKTAC page, looks very interesting. Tnx
  3. Camelbak Chameleon3 Vent Mid. Bought them a couple of months ago. Amazing boots!
  4. Sry for the double post. Mod pls fix it. @Whitehawk D A M N!
  5. Tnx. Still missing Petzl Tacktikka and Rhino arm mount.
  6. Finally got some Krylon (Khaki & Brown). Mine is on the right.
  7. Awesome photos as always appslap, but really tell me what do you do for 96 hours? Can you right a short review?
  8. My friend got his KSC Glock 17 today and I have KSC Glock 19 (cca 3 years old, never had a malfunction!!). The difference is huge. Mine is way better in terms of material quality (polymer body, now days it's cheap ABS plastic) it's heavier, plus has realistic markings, etc, etc. I'm sure lot of you guys noticed the same thing. The performace is till great but What happend to KSC? Tnx
  9. Thx for the info. But I don't think they ship worldwide and they don't accept pay pal (Cato-Ringstad I meen)
  10. @Extraordinaire Very interesting SCAR setup. Thumb up.
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