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  1. Good to know. I'll have to send them an email. Hopefully they reply. I found a site called Airsoft Panda that has it, emailed them, got nothing back. Emailed UNCompany since I'm ready to buy a VFC HK416, nothing back from them either. Sheesh.
  2. Wow, they have it for what comes out to $81 USD! Have you or anyone else bought from them before? I need to be sure those beautiful trademarks will be unharmed.
  3. $288, ouch. I just wish I could find the original $150 verison - good enough for me.
  4. Absolutely love this thing. I just wish it weren't so expensive. If only getting a gun the third of the size of an AR meant a third of the price... If a good recoil kit came out for it, however, I'd have a hard time resisting. I'd love to see the three round burst really give some sharp muzzle climb. Also, would love to see one of these with an SEF trigger group and an SP89 handle-less grip. There's something awesomely old school about how they look in that configuration.
  5. Well that's awesome. Go figure, I find a GBB pistol that's exactly what I'm looking for but can't actually find anywhere that sells the thing.
  6. You've been super helpful, thanks! Now I just need to find a retailer to ship this to the US. EDIT: Has anyone tested FPS with the stock full barrel length and .25g? I see the OP got around 360FPS with a .25g and a hacksawed 10.5" barrel. In theory the full length barrel would be a bit lower, but I'm thinking I may have trouble with the local field's .25g/350FPS limit.
  7. Anyone know of anywhere that still stocks this and will ship to the US with trademarks intact and a non-permanent orange tip?
  8. Thanks. I'll try to do some more research on the gun and see if I can find a retailer selling the latest version with the new nozzle, BCG, and accurate trademarks. I guess the worst case scenario is I sell it and take a hundred buck loss if it still becomes too much of hassle, I can live with that.
  9. So, as someone who hasn't been into airsoft since six years ago and is completely new to gas blowback rifles, would it be more trouble than it's worth to buy one of these? I dismissed them when I saw the initial review with the awful trademarks, but it appears that the newer ones have 100% accurate ones, and now I'm really interested. I'd be buying the gun as both a collector's piece and as an occasional indoor skirmisher.
  10. I've played here, and it's good site run by good people. Highly recommended.
  11. Sorry for the bump. Just recently, one of the lips on the top of the mag snapped off after heavy usage. The rest of the gun was functioning fine, with the exception of one screw that fell out of the pistol grip and I never found. This thing truly does appear to be rock solid for the money.
  12. The grip issue should be easily fixed with a couple minutes and some sandpaper or dremel.
  13. I brought this point up earlier and I think it's a good idea. Check last page for my old post - it's called a Wiki Community Board and I believe it works with IPB which is the forum software Arnie's runs.
  14. Shot groupings on targets at various ranges (measured, not guessed) using a properly sighted scope would be a huge contribution to the review. When it comes to sniper rifles, shot groupings are very important.
  15. If the OP posts new an relevant information, that information should be edited into the main post. Posts by other users with enough information deemed to be their own review should be split into their own topic. Also, I like what some forums have - thread wikis. The second post is reserved by one which can be edited by all users and then used to contain highlights and links to relevant information in the thread. When used properly, it can be a "table of contents" of sorts for large threads. Something does need to be done, though. When threads get large, lots of good information often
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