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  1. You haven't seen sureal until you've seen an airsofter in ACU walk in front of an Easter Island head on a saturday afternoon.

  2. Good seller. The kit turned up exactly as advertised, very quickly and with excellent comms. Would happily recommend as a seller.

  3. Type-100/44, very nearly finished (just the front sight, but that may take a little while to make so posting now. Made by a variety of people, including myself, but mainly skilled people Uploaded with ImageShack.us Uploaded with ImageShack.us Uploaded with ImageShack.us Hope you like, -Matt
  4. Folding Stock FN FAL with scratch built scope mount: Meant to look a bit more old-school in a DMR needing, RIS rail phobic team! Not spot on, but quite close. The little bits of RIS that are showing will be filed down, epoxied etc, and the bolts need replacing, but otherwise it's rock solid, and looks the business on my mates longer FAL. He also has the steel handguards shown below on hid, purchased for the princely sum of £2.50 -Matt
  5. Not as good as the other scratch built Owen i've seen, but as it was built on a very tight budget, relatively pleased with it: It was working, but it keeps having little glitches and i've run out of patience to keep fixing them (to be fair it's only really been 1 that keeps giving me trouble, a tiny spring that keeps slipping out of place. It's for sale if anyone's interested in finishing it off: http://www.arniesairsoft.co.uk/forums/inde...howtopic=180667 cheers, -Matt
  6. Thankyou very much, it's a real help. It loos like the M14 will be suitable after all, which could make my life a lot easier. Cheers again, -Matt
  7. Don't worry, i'm sure someone's got a pic of one stripped down - I wouldn't expect you to dismantle it for me. -Matt
  8. Can I request a picture of an M14 out of its stock? Is the action/barrel a complete unit, or does it rely on the stock to become a functioning gun? Stuff like safties, fire select switches and aesthetic bits don't matter so much. It's for a project; i'm searching for the most suitable base gun. cheers, -Matt
  9. Nice work on that ruger I posted this in the SMG thread, but I guess it fits here as well. Base gun was an AGM sten, with a Modified ruger min-14 stock (modded by a local carpenter). I made the magazine, and fitted the gun too the stock. It's more or less finished, but I would like a new frontend made at some point. Gun is the Japanese WW2 Vintage type-100 -Matt
  10. Japanese Type-100 submachine gun. Built from an AGM sten; a local carpenter fitted the stock, while I made the stock mountings and the magazine. The barrel shroud is temporary, I will be having a more accurate version made when my budget allows. -Matt
  11. Great seller. Good communication and timely shipping to the US.


  12. For those who were shocked and appalled by my naked barrel: 5 minutes on ym mates lathe and all sorted. It's an HK-33 flash hider, I couldn't be arsed to pay for a G3 one and i think they're idential anyway. -Matt
  13. The handguard was fairly easy to fit - I had to saw the semi-circular protrusion off of the back, so it sat flush with the reciver, then remove some of the barrel support. the handguard is rigid enough it supports it in it's place. A fair amount of force later and the handgaurd is on, making the whole front-end rock solid. -Matt
  14. No can do, theres absolutely no space in the foregrip now; it more or less hugs the barrel. the only free space is in the upper receiver. -Matt
  15. It looks quite a lot like a Tabuk carbine actually, a weapon i'm quite fond of. -Matt
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