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  1. One of my pet hates. The only lane you should routinely stay in is the left hand lane. Other lanes are for specific purposes and should be used for those only. Another pet hate: Nowhere in the highway code or the Road Traffic act are any lanes on a dual carrageway or motorway designated a Fast Lane. They do not exist in the UK. The outer lanes may be populated with fast moving traffic, but just because you can go fast, doesn't mean you should use these lanes. Or drive fast. Maps on the otherhand may show Fastlane, but that's in Scotland and a very different thing.
  2. That'll be the rohypnol your freind put in the drinks. How is sitting down this morning? (This is a joke by the way and I REALLY hope it isn't accidentally true)
  3. The only excuse I could see for justifying that is that some couriers will charge extra for Saturday deliveries, but Royal Mail don't, they generally just don't offer it.
  4. My first in a little while. More to come.
  5. Which they are doing, hence my comment that they'll need to be damn good to get Homes and Watson out of this one without a bucket of cheese. Apparently writing will start after the next series of Dr Who has been written.
  6. What? You don't like a cliff hanger or were you hoping that it would be wrapped up in a nice "happy ever after" ending? No, the end was cool. Just leaves the writers with an epic task to write their way our of this one without resorting to a bucket of cheese.
  7. There is a repost just made of solid gold WIN.
  8. Good seller, good coms andthe parts arrived very well packaged. Cheers Demoncase.

  9. Was last night also the first night in months that you got a decent night's undisturbed sleep?
  10. Which leads to the question, was the big bang the start of the absolute universe, was it just the start of the universe that we are aware of and our universe is actually the equivalent of a galaxy in a greater universe, or, are we in fact the electrons, neutrons and nuclei of atoms of a far greater particle? Equally, could we actually be finding scientific explanations for the creationist view point that God created the universe.
  11. I didn't know this profile still existed. Cool.

  12. My proclaimed nationality is English. England is also part of the Great Britian, (England, Scotland & Wales). Great Britain is part of the United Kingdon of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. Here's where it gets confusing... Passports: The Passport and Identity Agency are the issuing authority for the United Kingdom, however they ascribe the default nationality of British. So although technically Northern Ireland is not part of Great Britain, it's citizens are British, even though they are part of the United Kingdon, not Great Britain. Sport: Football and Rugby inte
  13. At the same time, they, or at least the ones I have had to deal with are very quick to resort to emotional blackmail in order to achieve their aims.
  14. You could argue that, you could equally argue that London pays for England which pays for the rest of the UK. You'd then have Scots arguing that actually it's North Sea Oil off the coast of Scotland that pays a big chunk towards the UK as well and that it's thanks to the Barnet agreement that they're not richer than they are and that England are a bunch of theiving barstewards for taking their oil, and as such, until Scotland is independant and able to control it's own resources, (in international waters), then this thievery will continue and all fo Scotland's ills are the fault of the Engli
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