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  1. The only excuse I could see for justifying that is that some couriers will charge extra for Saturday deliveries, but Royal Mail don't, they generally just don't offer it.
  2. My first in a little while. More to come.
  3. Good seller, good coms andthe parts arrived very well packaged. Cheers Demoncase.

  4. I didn't know this profile still existed. Cool.

  5. I'm a Dan, unless they mean Dan C

  6. If you live not too far away, go see them. The good service isn't just online.
  7. Good seller. The kit turned up exactly as advertised, very quickly and with excellent comms. Would happily recommend as a seller.

  8. Bought an AK mag pouch from Daz, it was exactly as advertised and well wrapped. The communications have been excellent. Would recommend him as a seller on the basis of this trade.



  9. [sings]...so get me to the church, get me to the church on time...[/sings]
  10. This is one I painted up then sold on after a while. The underside is left deliberately to help alter the visible profile, (long weird theory behind it but it works). It's the same paintjob I had on my G3SG1 a few years back and is east to recreate.
  11. I ordered a Sungpak response bag from them and the service was really quite good. I'll be going back to them next time I need anything as well.
  12. ihashotdog.com "You WILL give me your hotdog..."
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