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  1. beta08

    Custom Gear

    Low Profile GRG Pouch - Velcro closing vinyl sleeve for maps/documents - Rapid access pull tab - Attaches with simple Velcro straps to reduce profile - Compatible with plate carriers with Velcro/MOLLE top portion (6094, JPC, CPC, AVS, APC, etc.) Video and more pictures of stuff on my page. Facebook.com/dimmerswitchtactical
  2. beta08

    Custom Gear

    GP Abdomen Panel - Front opening for ease of access - Removable stiffener to prevent flopping - Velcro inside for removable inserts Double Kydex M4 Pouches Too many requirements and features to list, but the main ones were: - Removable flap - Kydex for both mags - Pouch profile reduces when one mag is removed
  3. beta08

    Custom Gear

    The rest of the stuff I make is mostly copies of the rare Crye pouches: 40mm/Flashbang Small GP 9mm M4 The FLYYE tag and background was to troll with another group. I did indeed make this. Compared with a real Crye M4 pouch on the left.
  4. beta08

    Custom Gear

    I've been doing a bit of custom sewing for a little bit now (maybe 5 months). Everything is 330d Multicam with Milspec materials. Full album is here (http://imgur.com/a/jaFwF), but here are a few of the more innovative ones: Modular Mag Pouch - MK17: Allows use with bungees, flaps, both, or neither. Abdomen MOLLE Panel with removable stiffener to prevent floppage and a 5x 40mm pouch (this set is actually going to a Ranger): CPC/JPC/AVS GRG Pouch with a backlight for low-light use: Quad M4 Pouch with Frag/Dip Pouch:
  5. It's nice, but for what it is (practically speaking), it's definitely not worth it. However, given how uncommon they are coupled with the SWAG factor, it was worth it to me. That said, I just sold the whole setup as I have no use for a 320 'round these parts.
  6. Thanks! Crye CPC Front: - Crye 9mm x2 - TEA PTT* - Crye Roll-Up Dumper Left: - Crye Double M4 - Crye IFAK - Motorola HT1000 Right: - M320* - S&S M320 Holster - Crye Small GP Back: - Eagle Slap Charge - Crye Hydro - Crye FB x3 - Crye Smoke - Crye Thermo Crye Airframe* - Airframe Cover - Airframe Rails - Princeton Tec MPLS - Helstar 5* - Anvis Mount & LPBP - Comtac IIIs with Crye adapters I think that's about it.
  7. Hmm, nice. I love G&P but for the price of KA I might have to give one a try.
  8. Awesome review. I for one appreciated the end bit. ><> Any info on how the zoom operates? Does the entire lens flip to the side like a real one or is it like a typical varying-magnification optic?
  9. Here ya go: http://www.optactical.com/blfohewhmeho.html
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