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  1. It's stippled with a X shaped wood burner head or similar device.
  2. You plan on wearing 3? Just kidding. I like the paint scheme, similar but different.
  3. Okay. I didn't know those existed... You win. The lower RIS that is.
  4. And gish takes the prize. Integrated mouth guard? May I ask how you made the helmet clips? ACM modified or completely custom?
  5. "And other than that, the pouch was the right size." "To me your IFAK is a bit oversized." OPINIONS! WE HAVE THEM. I think it looks fine, I'm judging that it's the size of an Eagle IFAK. "Real" Loaded magazines are going to be way heavier in that case, and those will balance the rig drastically.
  6. Yes, judging by the one I've seen. Tactical Traders had one in MJK on Egay.
  7. I have the same irons and my red dot's never co-witness well. Your better off removing the rear BUIS in favor of real steel flip ups.
  8. Why did you do the MARPAT one different? The seams on the desert look better in my opinion.
  9. The far left one, Nasty? You need to zoom more, it doesn't have the hip flaps. If it were a EPC it wouldn't have straight sides on the front plate. I'm *suitcase* at identifying rigs but my EPC in any configuration doesn't look like that. I'd say Jolly's correct.
  10. Thanks, will be picking one up in Khaki. I wish it came with the Velcro option though.
  11. Ooh, me like. Got any better pics of it mounted? What's the "Velcro loop" that comes with CB/RG?
  12. Yeah it is bigger than the rig. I have it spaced 1 high if you can tell. I can lower it but I like where it sits now since it sagged to low before. It fits fine for me, I've worn much more cumbersome vests that held a lot less. I plan on figuring something else out and moving the MAP to the EPC, what hydration do you recommend?
  13. Testing new rigs, completely new to the HSLD trend. I've been running Russian for years... Flyye 6094 Eagle PC
  14. Disco with smiling heads... awesome. +1
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