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  1. nice bra get more suitable tshirt
  2. Purity

    Movie Guns

    dude just google for Richard Coyle replica and the first link will be the one of an ebay auction...followed by various links to prop sites etc... its not that hard
  3. Its that rifle's best configuration
  4. I demand pics of that gun combo
  5. freg, thx for the reply actually I meant this with heatshields: http://www.airsoft-war4.com/photos//200312020699.jpg its not the brand but the length Im unsure about, which length would you suggest? I know keyzer has some similar to those: http://www.airsoft-war4.com/photos//200505284919.jpg but he doesnt respond to my pm, maybe his inbox is full... ( http://www.depot53.com/178/News%20Releases/SOPMOD%20lg.jpg here you can see the actual m14 sopmod rail length)
  6. Its somewhat urgent so forgive me, what kind of heatshields and rail covers will fit the m14 sopmod?
  7. you remind me a bit of private gomer pyle on that first pic ^^ but nice to see some m90
  8. Nope theyre just "deco" (However you can fill em with BBs for storing purposes afaik)
  9. Maveric, where did you get that od..scarf/shemag thing from?
  10. N E W ? That darn thing will cost me bout $690 :'(
  11. xaero187 I actually meant wearing the thing additionally not as a replacement Drake how much was that aimpoint (assuming its the guarder one)?
  12. Good stuff...consider a thin balaclava, though...it would improve your look imho
  13. Hows the scope? Anything you dont like about it? And what mount is that?
  14. It should read "Main screen turn on" But nice loadout
  15. Expvideo, I dont see how shooting each other with toy guns while being dressed up as the elite soldiers of a fascist mass murdering regime is honouring anyone. Actually, my grandfather was also in the SS, but why the *fruitcage* would I want to honour him for what he did? And even more importantly, why would I run around dressed up like him? Do you really think that theres any reason to be proud of having served in the SS? Do you think just because there are always two sides of a war both deserve respect? Its not risking your life that matters, the point is what youre doing it for. No o
  16. DM, do you really believe that this will happen? There never were any birds and bees when it came to this topic. Anyway the inability to provide pictures of the things promised in the thread title is telling me enough already...I hope certain people will keep quiet because otherwise theyll get their asses kicked.
  17. Your grandfathers must be so proud of you...
  18. The mg3 fires 7.62mm rounds while the mg42 had 7.92mm. Ive never shot one but Im fairly sure that if it "sucked", we wouldnt have used it for the last 50 years.
  19. And still didnt learn not to spam ? (Quickly, someone post posing pix)
  20. Yeah looks good, no worries
  21. God that face camo really cracks me up, for some odd reason everytime I see it Leprechaun comes to my mind immideatly. edit: you like sitting on big round canteens ? Something in that picture really scares me...hmm...really..
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