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  1. is this gun compatible with TM external upgrades, say a guarder frame and slide?
  2. the Army MEUs are fully compatible with slides and frames designed for the TM, right?
  3. does it really have three-round burst functionality?
  4. Oh? that's good news then. when they do arrive in the states they'll hopefully come with the trades intact.
  5. Where could I obtain a King Arms M4 in the States? Preferably with trades intact. I don't like the idea of wiring Red Wolf hundreds of dollars and still risking customs.
  6. I usually just jam my finger or one of those plastic dejamming rods into the "hole" and then force the catch to extend further in I don't know if it actually does anything, but I think it might help
  7. luckily for you AKs are incredibly common and I'm sure if you looked hard and far enough you'd find some AK-74 knockoff that had unribbed black magazines EDIT: yeah, a lot of people spill the extra bucks for G&Ps or even use the shells of real mags also I have that problem with my MAG mags too. I usually load them up and then jam down the top BB and force the "catch" to extend farther into the "hole"
  8. the MAG black midcaps are not accurate to the real steel ones, unfortunately. those are modern black/plum AK-74 magazines, which are ribbed (as you can see) older AK-74 magazines were "orange" and lacked the ribs
  9. pretty sure this is in the wrong section but still, that looks amazing. Not a big fan of the paint job, although that just may be the lighting
  10. yeah, I just saw this movie, and I'd have to agree that they were generic TMs
  11. a real Desert Eagle for comparison: real Eagle Looks like TM used preexisting "ports".
  12. definitely not as nice as some of your photos, but I think this image came out nicely.
  13. My brand spanking new (used) KSC M93R. Thanks shinhk!
  14. holy ######! what happened to it?
  15. Snowbeat


    my god that is amazingly beautiful I know you've answered this question before, but what RIS system do you use? it's possibly the coolest looking one I've ever seen (and probably way, way out of my price range)
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