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  1. Snowbeat

    Silenced Guns Picture Thread

    My brand spanking new (used) KSC M93R. Thanks shinhk!
  2. Snowbeat


    my god that is amazingly beautiful I know you've answered this question before, but what RIS system do you use? it's possibly the coolest looking one I've ever seen (and probably way, way out of my price range)
  3. Snowbeat

    SIG Picture Thread

    How much? And would you ship to the US?
  4. Snowbeat

    SIG Picture Thread

    Really? That's good news, because I was fearing that a reliable, tough SIG was going to cost me upwards of $300 for all the upgrades. Where's a good place to get one cheap?
  5. Snowbeat

    SIG Picture Thread

    You ran with the stock slide?
  6. Snowbeat

    SIG Picture Thread

    I like the looks (and the price!) of the TM P226, but aren't ABS slides prone to snapping? I haven't owned a gas pistol.
  7. Snowbeat

    SIG Picture Thread

    Here's my completely great Jing Gong 552 (pictured without TM foregrip). I'm eagerly awaiting the release of their 550. It's really great that they're cloning out of production guns like the SIG 550 and G3A3. A question: Which are the best and cheapest full-metal P226/other SIG sidearms? EDIT: Ignore the disgusting orange flashhider. It would be replaced by the standard three-prong grey one, but it's glued on! Thanks, EHobby Asia!

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