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  1. That's great news. They really seem to be a great company, even if a little behind on some long overdue promises, like the BAR 1918A2. I feel for those who actually pre-ordered it.
  2. Same here. Want one. Just PM one of the moderators for commercial status (won't cost you a penny) and then you can offer these dice for sale. I sure will buy one
  3. You can buy it from ebaybanned. http://www.ebairsoft.com/standalone-grenade-launcher-pistol-p-1796.html that's the one I have as well.
  4. @Chas: Any idea how to fix the barrel movement? Also, I found a workaround for the screwed Army magazine: I use my TM MEU ones
  5. I did a chrono test with me Kimber today. First shot was an astonishing 350 fps (!). Second and third was 347, 344. After the 8th shot it vent below 330. I think I don't have to buy a tight bore barrel
  6. Nope. I didn't have to ask for it. Did you receive yours without dots, too?
  7. Isamu: can you tell me what is in that plastic bag that comes with the Kimber and is/was underneath the bag of BBs? Looks like a spare hop rubber and blowback chamber ???
  8. Yepp, it did leak at first, but after filling it up twice with red gas (with added silicon in it) it stopped leaking. Other thing I noticed after I read your review: the right thumb safety is loose on my Kimber as well. But guess what: it is loose on my TM MEU . But given I am a righty when it comes to shooting it did not bother me at all (I haven't even noticed until yesterday). @fiddlestick: how can you fix the loose thumb safety? everyone else: How can you fix the problem with the outer barrel? i.e. if the slide is locked back, the outer barrel moves back about an inch(!). Once
  9. Mine turned up today as well and I had some time to play with it. My initial impression on it: Pro: - nice weight - good finish - have to rack it first to shoot - compatible with TM bits and bobs - TM MEU mag works in it, though the aforementioned nice feature does not exist Cons: - the Army mag wobbles in the magwell - the mag won't work in my TM MEU - outer barrel is moving half an inch back and forth, preventing the slide to move thus the pistol can't be fired As to what Isamu said on the sight's dots: Mine came with nice green painted dots. Overall, I am ver
  10. Hey Tarzan, Without a proper AR tool (which you can buy on eBay for $35) you can use 2 screwdrivers. It will be a pain, and will scratch the delta ring, but hey, it will come off. Trouble will be when you try to tighten it back... Here is the link for your tool: Guntec AR wrench
  11. Thanks, mate. I certainly want to use it on a WOC. PS: there goes my lunch money for 3 weeks. *le sigh*
  12. Here comes the question to all WOC owners: I'd like to have a VLTOR body but I can't make up my mind if it should be the G&P one of the King Arms one. The King Arms one sounds cheaper by 40USD (and given how weak the pound is against the dollar it is not something to sneeze at ). Does anyone know if the King Arms body is actually a good one, worth buying? Or should I stick with the G&P one? Thanks
  13. And now let's tune to our favourite series: Swannie and the Pro-win Mag. Episode 3: after being very frustrated and sad for I bought a mag that wouldn't work properly in my WOC I was close to sell it and buy some Gen 2 Bomber mags. Then came the thought: What if it is the wobbliness of the WOC body that makes my bolt stuck when I use the pro-win mag? Thought was followed by action: I went ahead and changed the standard front pin to the enhanced version (the one that tightens the upper and lower together). 5 minutes later I was ready to do the test... and I WIN! the mag got in without
  14. Sounds promising. Will those mags also do away with misaligned mag catch holes?
  15. Shipping costs would make it quite the expensive item. So, I stick to filing for now.
  16. though I have to add that the pro-win mag isn't win at all. It is a nightmare to make sure the mag catch "catches" the mag and after I pull the trigger the bolt gets stuckin the rearmost position until I fiddle wit the upper receiver. THEN it slams back to where it should be. I have a bad feeling that I have to file away a few tenth of a millimeter on the mag.. * Le Sigh *
  17. Same here. WOC + Ra-Tech BGC for the win.
  18. Here is a not-too-bad picture of my youngling. * runs very fast *
  19. @elitesniper: issues with G&P mag? first of all, hard to come by Second, it has the same cool down as the WA mag. At least with a pro-win you get 40 shots on full auto before serious drop in fps and rps.
  20. @elitesniper: - definite mag to buy: there is no definite mag yet. All currently available mags have their problems. Still, in terms of performance either buy the upgraded G&P mag (if you can still catch some) or the pro-win. They both can take red/top/green gas out of box so no need to disassemble and re-assemble them just so you can use your favorite high performance gas. However, as you can read from previous posts get ready to file bits and bobs from your pro-win mag to ensure it actually engages the mag catch. - ACM mag doesn't engage bolt catch : yes, it is a known issue wi
  21. Hey Tinydata, I happen to have an aluminum 14.5" outer barrel that I don't use. It came with my M4A1. PM me if you are interested.
  22. Alrighty, I just got confirmation that these G&P mags ARE actually Green Gas ready: Now if I had 200 USd to spare on 4 of these babies.
  23. ... and those new mags are already sould out on redWolf and WGCshop.
  24. Yepp! Taken from RedWolf : http://redwolfairsoft.com/redwolf/airsoft/...il?prodID=28204
  25. They state that the mags are already ready for Green gas use so it shouldn't be a problem.
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