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  1. Quick question: (that has probaly been asked before but im in a bit of a hurry.) Will G&P RIS's fit?
  2. So, um pics of it assembled? please?
  3. How come your acu's dont have pockets n the arms?
  4. Figured this would be the place to ask: Will Pmags fit in an HK416?
  5. Does anyone have a bigger version of that picture?
  6. Quick question, are Hk416 used by CAG?
  7. Alright cool, thanks just one more question MICH-2000 or 2002?
  8. Hey guys, I started making a CAG loadout, and was wondering if there is any set sidearm to use? Thanks.
  9. Hey appslapp, do you have any pictures of it attached to your rifle?
  10. It has to be, he is the only one on Arnies who has an RBSS.
  11. I have 3 myself. @ of them being M4's. Each of which has gone through3 or so configurations. But i plant to convert one, for my magpul rifle. BTW, anyone know f an airsoft rail that looks similar to the larue 11' gooseneck? Not looking to be exact, just similar.
  12. Man I need to make Haley's AR now.
  13. Oh definitely. Thats actually pretty cool looking.
  14. Nice looking cabinet, very neat and professional looking.
  15. Yah, Kerbdog, im liking the mix of colors you have going there, I never though that multicam and RG would looks so good together.
  16. Please dont quote quote pictures. Just take the image tags out.
  17. You really should have put this in one of the existing threads.
  18. USCM, what pants are you using?
  19. Oh NOES!!!! His flag is on teh backwards!! Just kidding, lol, nice pics.
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