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  1. Lots of good stuff going on here recently.
  2. Nah man, check out the edge tape. No way.
  3. Why not use a dump pouch? A dump pouch is faster, requires no fine motor skills, and is in a far more repeatable location, which translates to less fumbling.
  4. A.R.M.S. mounts break very easily.
  5. Everything will surly go flying out of that rig if you do anything other than stand still, right? No retention on the glowsticks, no retention on the Glock, no retention on either set (why 2 sets?) of shears, and little retention of the zip ties. Do you really need an ENTIRE roll of 100mph tape swinging around on your rig? And, is there no radio to go with the Sordins?
  6. She is our dispatch rider. It's pretty useful when you have no radios!
  7. It looks great with the Elcan.
  8. Danger close thumb to charging handle gap!
  9. Those VFC guns have some of the best finishes I've seen on airsoft guns. Looks fantastic.
  10. Jesus christ. I'm not sure any more win can exist in one place without destroying the earth. Well done you guys.
  11. That's incredible. The more crazy vintage guns the better IMO, and it looks good to me.
  12. Has anyone tried to use quality lubricants which are typically used on real firearms, i.e. Slip 2000? I'm curious about their effects on GBBRs.
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