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  1. Eh, my M249 is very much a $1k gun, but you wouldn't know it by looking at it.
  2. My Polar Star electro-pneumatic, solenoid, M249. I've had it since May (it's one of the very first P* boxes), but I've been kinda lazy about posting a picture. The flash doesn't do the colours justice, but it gives the general idea. Either 400 or 450 fps/.2g BB (or lower, if I want), and a very high ROF.
  3. Bought a M249 stock from him. Good communication, received them item quickly.

  4. I like that you can be notified when a new topic is created in a particular forum. This is helpful, and easy to do. However, how do I limit that to threads that contain a particular keyword? For instance, in the For Sale (AEG) (US) section, I'd like to be emailed anytime a thread is created with the word "M249" in it, to save myself from having to search manually. I'm sure this is possible and I'm just overlooking the option; where is it?
  5. I bought a secondhand set of what I believe to be the EBB version. These are the newer version, and don't have the mile long zipper around the crotch. I have the Large, and they fit me great. I normally wear a medium t-shirt. The combat shirt fits me fine. I'm 6'0", 180lbs. 34in waist. I can't say how they will fit you, but that's how it fits me.
  6. Are the Dragon Red the same as the Ebay Banned the same as... any other Chinese maker? How do these hold up in the wash? I've heard horror stories of them turning pink and such. Any reports on long term longevity?
  7. Maybe this has already been asked, but I didn't see it. Does anyone make a "knock-off" or replica of the ACH-ARC kit? I don't need high quality rails for my plastic MICH, but would like the utility they offer. What are my options? Thanks.
  8. Can you tell me how you got this? I'd love to put a magpul stock on my 870.
  9. I agree. The right one is my favourite.
  10. Looks good so far. Are you going to paint the other parts to match when they arrive?
  11. It's interesting to see this many people wearing ACU. I wear it 'cause I have to, but don't really care for it.
  12. Or may it's just too small for him...?
  13. Doesn't the GL make it harder to reload? Or is it not that far back?
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