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  1. GAH! All these SCAR's are sooo cool. Can't make my choice between SCAR H and SCAR L.
  2. A picture of me from the AEX gallery. I realize my epic knee pad fail, it slipped and I had to time to fix it.
  3. Haha thank you very much. "AEX" things: AEX Metal Body Internal Work Both from AEX Torrance, they're great guys.
  4. My finished Custom AEX Larue Rifle The Trijicon TR21 is luvs2shoot's, just had it on my gun Usually an EoTech 553 sight would be mounted.
  5. Not done yet.. Need to fix a few things.
  6. Ya they're plastic. But I am getting bakelite mags and treating them to look worn out and weathered. Here is a sample of my old AK's bakelite mag.
  7. I'm diggin the Kobra sight! whered u get it?
  8. This is my VFC AKS74U after weathering. VFC is definitely top quality stuff.
  9. So I got a VFC AKS74U, and could not be more happy with it. I treated it to make it look battle-worn. Tell me what you guys think!
  10. omg that is just beautiful... great job
  11. To Fellowz That worn M14 looks surprisingly good, I never imagined that a worn one would look like that. Cool To Souske Great job on the wearing and paintjob as always haha
  12. The stock is very unique, did you ever upgrade the gun or did it come shooting 365fps with .25s?
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