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  1. What holster do you use with that?
  2. Man, what does that weigh? 10 kilos?
  3. Mig1

    KJW M4

    Hope this hasn't already been covered, but what kind of inner barrel is it? Standard AEG compatible one? If you look down the middle of it can you tell if it is a TK hop-twist barrel?
  4. Squad leader, ok that makes sense based on the pics I've seen. Though, I haven't seen any pics of the STAR-21 in service. Have you seen it?
  5. Thank you for bringing some much needed clarification to the thread, Sayeret. Most of the pictures I have seen of a squad or larger size dismounted infantry has one or more CTAR's with TA-31 ACOGs mounted. I suspect this may be their new standard squad level marksman's rifle.
  6. I have actually disassembled it many times. This is the first time I decided to do something about the full auto firing on semi problem by replacing the cut off lever.
  7. Quick question guys. I have the firing auto on semi problem that some people had been reporting. So I installed a guarder cut off lever to see if that straightened it out. It didn't. But I'm not sure I installed it right. Never done a cut off lever before. It seems to have some play in it, not just on the rotational axis, but it wiggles a bit too. When I installed it I noticed that it seemed as if the screw should go down tighter, but it didn't. When I was done, I noticed that I had a shim laying on the table. Did VFC actually put a shim on the cut off lever? Is my Guarder cut off lever s
  8. Why yes, yes you can See here -> http://www.icsbb.com/EDM/SG/ESG.html
  9. That stuff looks like a rip off of Hyperstealth's camo. http://www.hyperstealth.com. I would definately buy it
  10. Yes, indeed, thank you. Have you had a chance to see if it is too long/wide to fit in a CQC holster replica?
  11. Put your radio model number into google and see if you can see what the band split is. Also, there is an advantage to using a radio that only you and your friends can talk on. If you are at an event that allows listening in on enemy channels you would be pretty safe.
  12. Are you sure your radios can operate in the 460-470mhz range? You said you can hear truckers clearly. CB radio frequencies are nowhere near FRS/GMRS frequencies. A quick google search finds me this: http://www.livecbradio.com/cb-radio-frequencies.htm
  13. There is also this: http://www.dentrinityshop.com/pr_details.jsp?pid=5484 which I think is lower.
  14. SCARs were most certainly not "issued" since 2004. And the correct current generetion flash hider is the ACC style 3-prong flash hider. Although there have been rumors of AAC losing the suppressor contract I have seen no proof of this.
  15. Feldjager, would you mind posting some pictures and a tutorial on how to do this? I see this question has been asked many times on other forums.
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