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    VFC SCAR H, VFC MOE M4, CA 53, Hurricane custom H&K 416, TM M14 Socom, TM 1911 MEU Socom mk23, TM MSG90.
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    Music and Making music on hardware samplers, film, comics, My PS3 and walking about. Oh, I love Metal Gear Solid!
  1. Just installed a VFC 20" RIS Hopefully get some better pics and a Harris bipod!
  2. My Mayflower APC with the HK417 Recce chest rig attached via swift clip. Sold off the LBT 6094, best move I made in ages. The APC is so comfy and light. Also fitted is a Eagle Industries Hydration pack.
  3. This is my 2 week old baby. A Umarex VFC HK417
  4. albertus fox

    h&k collection

    my h&k collection
  5. This guy is the perfect example of a good Airsoft player. I don't know anyone who has a bad word to say about him, and that's very rare indeed.

  6. She's beautiful fo sure! weird question, could the stock accommodate a nunchuk battery. I really want the stock to go on my Hurricane 416. It a far more superior stock compared to Hurricane and ACM ones. cheers
  7. I do Doom!

    He ant heavy, he's my brother!

  8. Great Guy...just as long as he remembers that Doom is mAster of the world...JKS

  9. Hey guys, does anyone know if the G&P sand coloured crane stock a good match for Magpul FDE furniture. some pictures would be a great help.
  10. I have a Hurricane HK416 kit, at first I thought my PMAGs wouldn't fit. I found if you keep on pressing down the mag release, then inserting the PMAG they fit. Yes, when you release the mag you have to keep pressing the mag release button and you then can pull them out. It easier than it sounds. I'm sure if I removed the mag release catch they would fit by friction.
  11. Interesting mod on the SCAR. Would like to see it with one of those CTR stocks with the cheek riser, so you can still have a rear battery. Or a UBR maybe....
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