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  1. very very nice! its a gun sale showroom!
  2. have this coming next week *the socom version.. based on what i've read so far im planning systema m100 spring prometheus 6mm bearings <-- are these the best option? madbull black python v2 tightbore madbull shark (red) hob rubber anything else upgrades wise that you guys recommend? bottom line is I want to run it as reliably as i can on 9.6v batteries.. thanks!
  3. hey man long time no see, still 'softing @ Grange Farm?

  4. this is a car crash thread there are definately going to be more than a few pictures of crashes which came about because of street racing.. btw mate thats some insane damage to the roof, must have just missed your head!
  5. right hand mate i would be dead if it was left! the post smashed the door in was almost right next to the steering wheel.. and the passenger seat was bashed upwards almost 90degrees
  6. unfortunately this lamp post was super solid! it didnt even bend/dent, my car only left some paint marks on it! i slowed down for the corner but because i was unfamiliar with the roads (think i was going at about 90km/h) when i realised that i was coming into the turn too fast, i cant remember much after that because i had a concussion really weird feeling having a concussion its like youre waking up from a dream (in my case waking up with glass all around me ) lesson learnt im thankful im alive
  7. street racing + slippery road + 90deg corner + skid + lamp-post = totalled car sustained fractures to a couple of small bones of my skull/face and a gash on my left eyelid
  8. heres my current build of my JG M4A1 JG M4a1 Dboys CASV Dboys front & rear flip up sights Dboys PEQ box CA Verti Grip ACM Tan G27 Grip Aimpoint and aimpoint magnifier en-route still needs a metal body and a vltor replica tan stock
  9. i had a bell eg707 beretta m9 i wasn't impressed with the build quality at all.. this gun seems better tho..
  10. that looks nice dliberty i've ordered a dump pouch like that myself but has yet to arrive
  11. haha that stretching pic is great, someone should use that in a caption comp
  12. yeah looks great is it a single piece suit or 2 piece cause the pants look a lil high?
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