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  1. Apparently there is a web site that compares all the main shops for sizes. Dunno what it is cos I'm a bloke but I'm sure your Google Fu will sort you out
  2. Look at it like this, you saved yourself a tenner
  3. I once worked in a Path lab, dead people were holding us up all the time.......
  4. Does she have a nice glossy coat all over her body? likes "pedigree chum" for breakfast lunch and dinner?
  5. depends on how persuasive you can be.......THREESOME
  6. I got a visit from the local plod, they had done a random check of a few outlets and it turns out my card had been cloned. They informed my bank (who cancelled it and sent me a new one) unfortunately not before I had rather a large order cancelled cos of the cancelled card and it was only after that that I got the notification. (nice of them to visit though).
  7. And don't MS provide computers for schools and colleges in the USA? some observations from my time in school P.E (physical Education) or if your good at Football you get to play Football, if not tough buns. Home Economics (didn't do it myself but from what I was told it was how to boil an egg) History, a brief look at a few historical events and then how to partition a field based on the land reforms in the 15th century. (ok a bit unfair as its a HUGE subject however when I left school I found it to be a fascinating subject and much of what I was taught was biased) RE (religious Ind
  8. Equally if something is useful how often is it taught in school? proper nutrition for example or budgeting? How about teaching pupils about training techniques for physical fitness?
  9. And we are both Hedg's favourite people
  10. NOOOOOOOOOOOO, Liquorice is the devils poo.... I'm originally from William How Item Tare Easy Fox Item Easy Love Dog
  11. My mrs uses a SAAV, the large side pockets each hold 6 mags in comfort. I am currently working on a self made rig that is horizontal (no body splint) as a chest rig. Pics up when its finished.
  12. http://s509.photobucket.com/albums/s333/Jo...nt=magpulm4.jpg I think this qualifies for the thread, started out as a TM M4, Magpul body, pistol grip, stock and fore grip.
  13. And yet that same word means burned in Latin. Political correctness is a pile of steaming ######. It has caused more trouoble than it is worth and should be taken outside and shot Iirc I cannot be called politically incorrect as this is politically incorrect... I'm euphemistically challenged I heard something about TM no longer importing due to our H&S rules, bullsh1t? or true?
  14. A word of caution..... a mate of mine bought 2 of the "chrome" ones now one works fine but the other isn't cycling properly, he's had 'em for 2 weeks and so far they've been out for one game (so all the use they got was shooting the banister rail at home)he has tried with green and red gas with the same results. i would guess that they are sort of like Classic Army were with QC being a word only.
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