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  1. My mrs uses a SAAV, the large side pockets each hold 6 mags in comfort. I am currently working on a self made rig that is horizontal (no body splint) as a chest rig. Pics up when its finished.
  2. http://s509.photobucket.com/albums/s333/Jo...nt=magpulm4.jpg I think this qualifies for the thread, started out as a TM M4, Magpul body, pistol grip, stock and fore grip.
  3. And yet that same word means burned in Latin. Political correctness is a pile of steaming ######. It has caused more trouoble than it is worth and should be taken outside and shot Iirc I cannot be called politically incorrect as this is politically incorrect... I'm euphemistically challenged I heard something about TM no longer importing due to our H&S rules, bullsh1t? or true?
  4. A word of caution..... a mate of mine bought 2 of the "chrome" ones now one works fine but the other isn't cycling properly, he's had 'em for 2 weeks and so far they've been out for one game (so all the use they got was shooting the banister rail at home)he has tried with green and red gas with the same results. i would guess that they are sort of like Classic Army were with QC being a word only.
  5. Some cooks knives, a boneing knife a paring knife and an old Divers knife I use for digging arrows out of tree trunks.
  6. And the newb learns to take his hits
  7. Mugs or patches are both good, in fact I'd need 2 mugs so I could keep the missus happy. ps Sue (thats Missus Brick) says Hi
  8. Answer on how to make the perfect Cappuccino is to get someone else to make it (prefferably someone who knows how) Use a medium to high roast coffee bean (depends on taste) and don't use a coffee grinder (it generates too much heat and can over roast the coffee) use a food processor with the chopping blades particle size should be a little finer than caffetiere grade. Use an Esspresso caffetiere and when brewed to taste pour into mug. Steam milk to light froth (if no steamer nuke the milk in the microwave and wisk. Pour onto coffee and (if you want) sprinkle the chocolate powder on top. P
  9. I think ill get the target practice teddy bear. I think the number of annoying singing santa's being bought would keep us all in targets for years hmm might get that thong for Mrs Brick If I stop posting all of a sudden you know that she didn't like the pressie
  10. Brick

    Bricks personnal bits

    Stuff wot I have that I cannot put on threads (probably too big)
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