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  1. The Joker is FirstSpear’s answer for Jungle warfare. It’s even jumpable. But you’re definitely right, it sucks they stopped the Patrol Harness. Basically an H-harness from the Blackhawk and Eagle era. I like the Velocity Systems rig, but it’s basically a modern ALICE belt system. Plus the pouches from the system are really intended for use with their belt. A good example is my butt pack, it has two d-rings I thought we’re mean for rigging kit but it’s actually where the suspenders for the belt system go. So previously on my Patrol Harness the pack would sag badly, worse when stuffed. I e
  2. I found myself on Arnies again after god knows how long. While I still have my plate carriers, I really got into LBVs mostly due to playing some Milsim West games from time to time. The rig is a FirstSpear Padded Patrol Harness, pouches are mostly Tactical Tailor, and the butt pack is Velocity Systems.
  3. O that game was fun indeed. BFAs in the rain are awesome!
  4. Here's my newest rifle, a JAG Arms PHX15 Recce. This one is a bit different for a special use but it's using a lot of the same furniture.
  5. No doubt, scalable/modular panels is pretty much the new norm. The problem with the industry is that most companies force you to buy their proprietary designs. The design from Advance Dynamic lets you retrofit older plate carriers or newer carriers that don't have the modular feature.
  6. I've done quite the 360 with my gear. I started with a CIRAS, got a Banshee, switched to a Strandhogg, "upgraded" to a JPC with a Hogg cummerbund, downgraded to an SOHPC, and now I'm using an old Eagle Plate Carrier. For some reason I really like the design and simple features that my EPC offer. To keep up with the Jones's I'm using a new cool piece of kit from a new company called Advance Dynamic which lets you retrofit older plate carrier designs to accept modular/scalable panels.
  7. As a NATO guy, out side sucked. I think I was there when I heard that guy say that. I was dissapointed to say the least. Even as a BFA I called getting hit several times cause it was awesome.... the laughs we had playing dead was hilarious especially at our COP when you guys constantly attacked.
  8. So I find myself at an interesting crossroads with my kit. When I first started I wore a fully loaded CIRAS. Shortly after I ended up wearing a battle belt with some pouches. After that I loaded up my battle belt and making my vest slick. Nowadays I'm wearing more and more kit on my vest again and less kit on my battle belt to the point that I only need to wear a leg rig and a holster. Do you guys find yourself consolidating kit back to a 2nd line vest again?
  9. I was one of only two NATO BFAs (Pittiful lol...) and it was pretty cool to see Russian dudes playing dead when I "shot" them. The BFAs are mainly there to add to the immersion factor of the game.
  10. I've been happy with it so far. I've kept it stock and it runs like a champ using an Echo1 Lipo.
  11. Some gun pron from work. The base gun is a VFC VR16 with some Madbull rails.
  12. I had some spare Magpul rail segments lying around so I ended up tacking one on my Echo1 Bolt to try to replicate a Krinkov optic mount. It's not perfect in the least bit but at least it's solid and relatively straight. Just right for airsoft lol...
  13. Frogfish... me and my co-worker attended this MSW game with the intent of kicking back being BFAs in the rear. Our Ranger Platoon Seargeant came up to us and said, "You're BFAs? Good, you're the only two. I have responsibilties for you." lol... Our Platoon leadership ended up using us as an LMG element to support and cover the other squads. Yea we were the only two BFAs splitting 800rds between us... NATO just like in the Warnords felt like an encircled unit the whole time. I heard stories RusFor had boxes of smokes and grenades, NATO was lucky if 10 were available per platoon lol... In the n
  14. Fun game for sure, definitely spoiled my Milsim expectations for any games. MSW4Life!
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