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  1. I also have some of these muzzle brakes for sale so please check it out if your interested! link to sale: http://www.arniesairsoft.co.uk/forums/index.php?/topic/210547-fsb-alpha-srvv-muzzle-brakes-ak-variants/
  2. was wondering if you would recognize it Its just the camera angle making everything look kinda cattywompus
  3. Here is an update. I did some more plinking in the backyard and the magazine spring locked up again. Gave it a wack and unsuccesful in fixing it, hitting a little harder caused it to split a little and I was unable to fix. I had to use a screwdriver and remove the feed spring completely to get out the jammed bb. You can see the jammed bb inside. Maybe I got a dud magazine, but probably safe to assume you can't expect the same performance as the pts 125 round mags. I will report back after I field some more magazines in an all day game. =)
  4. I gave it a good wack and it reset perfectly =) The magazine locked up during my first time using it. And I only bought one magazine (kh mountain) because I was skeptical about these from all the horrible reports about the star mags. So the magazine used for all the guns is the same magazine that locked up. It was a pretty minor issue in my opinion and probably just need a little silicone spray. I'm so impressed with these mags that I've ordered more and will be using these as my new primary magazines, mag midcaps will become backups =) .
  5. Here is a short video of the magazines in a few of my aeg's. I wasn't sure how it would feed in one of my high ROF guns but it performed amazing well. No mis-firing at all. The magazine locked into the magwell perfect in all guns, no excessive wobble or anything like that, over all a good fit. However, the spring in the magazine did lock up one time, I think this may be due to overloading the magazine, but when I was filling it up as soon as I felt resistance I stopped loading, so it was not a case of gross over filling the magazine...maybe 1 or 2 bb's too many. Also, I'm sure a quick lub
  6. great seller, shipped next day and good communication.

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