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  1. Yes, I took the plunge. I have a TM M14 in OD on its way to me from A2. I took full advantage of the £220 deal Unfortunately they had run out of the wood stocks, but on the plus side a mate of mine has a wood effect stock spare Anyone know of a nice cheap scope mount? I dont fancy having to pay £40 for one..
  2. Custom Marushin M500 Shorty, 8mm. The origional one is now discontinued. This has a real steel Tacstar pistol grip. And my CAR-15: The nasty rubber grip is long gone now and its back to its good old CAR-15 state. And me posing with the two (with a few team mates):
  3. A few pics I've finally got round to taking with my phone As much as I know you hate them, these ones should be worthy (Not strictly 100% 1911, but I thought id post it anyway)
  4. EOL, I am not aroused by those pictures.
  5. Muahahah I have 4 saved for me by Keith at RSOV WOOP!
  6. EW. That box mag is HIDEOUS. Take it off!
  7. Ahhhh, I new there was an HK retailer I couldnt think of, cheers J.
  8. Hey guys, im gonna be buying a TM 1911, but I cant find PGC metal kits (the dark grey type) anywhere, any of you guys know where I could find one??? Cheers all, Chrissy
  9. Yes...but not externally. Your average Joe Bloggs isnt going to open up an M14 SOPMOD to check what parts are similar if hes asked "which looks like it came from an M1, this *holds up M14* or this *holds up SOPMOD*" I rest my case..
  10. On another note guys, does anyone know where I can get a wooden pistol grip and cocking handle? Or am I going to have to hand make one?
  11. Marushin M500 Shorty SSB, 8mm version: Above two show the shell ejector port when cocked and uncocked Below two are just showing off how nice the gun is And a couple of plain un editted ones:
  12. Muahahaha 1000 messages. Woot! Cheers arn!
  13. Hai gize, I 4m l00k1ing 4 a 1337 gnu, w4t shud I g3t? Seriously, now, Im looking for a no frills no fancy bits, plain and simple, really nice WA1911 that is a piece of ###### to upgrade to full metal and chuck in some lovely upgrades. What im really asking is what is a good base gun to begin a project of a plain 1911 on, to add a (nicest kit) frame and slide to in order to have a lovely pistol to stick on my wall. Sorry for the n00b post, but I really dont know much about it Chrissy
  14. But now that all the reps for good sales have gone. Now people cant check peoples rep to see how reputable they are? Quite a few people dont bother with the good&bad traders section..
  15. Not meaning to rub it in that I have a CAR-15.. (the dodgy grip is now off) And an old one of my CA M15A4 Tac Carbine, with underslung M203, delta force silencer, KA RDS and a 10.8v in the back
  16. Hey guys, Im about to purchase myself a WA LAPD SWAT Custom 2 from RW and was wondering is it worth the £117 once its been posted to here? I've looked at reviews and all they tell me is that noone knows if its an SCW1, 2, or 3. If it IS a SCW3 is that model ok? Or should I look for an SCW1 or 2 somewhere else? Thanks a lot guys, Chrissy
  17. That scope is FAR too small on a G3 SG1.
  18. It looks as tall as you H_M
  19. Hahaha, nahhhh. This thread = fail. Oh well.. was worth the gloating
  20. Its one of my 2 Tokyo Marui CAR-15's. The front grip is basically a cut down M16A1/VN foregrip and the stock is spring loaded, so you just flick the switch and it pops out of its own accord. Far better than M4 stocks edit: And just for the record Guzzi, I wanted to make two points about your cut down "Patriot" 1. THATS AN ABOMINATION OF AN M4, HOW DARE YOU BASTARDISE THAT GUN LIKE THAT. 2. "Dude....that is SO not milsim" Sorry, I couldnt resist There would be more if both me and Screamin Weasel and I didnt have two each
  21. Hehehe, the rarest of armalites: I cant wait till my TK barrel comes
  22. I wish they made TM CAR-15's still: Oh wait... No I dont, I have 2.
  23. Come on guys, more than 3 of us must have CAR-15's on here!
  24. Hey all, I know its starting a new thread and all, and I might well be flamed but I felt these rare rifles didnt deserve any old Armalite thread, (feel free to move it if its not appropriate mods) but they deserved one of their own. I dont mind whether its pics of you using them, just your rifles, if they are TM or Classic Airsoft (Kokusai) lets just see them! Plus it gives us lucky owners a way to gloat to other forum members that we have these guns and show them off Here are pics of one of my two CAR-15's. Chrissy edit: Yes I do realise I have a rub
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