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  1. Haven't posted here in a long time! Stridsväst2000 (vest) Magasinficka x2 (magazine pouch) Flerbruksficka Liten (small utility) Flerbruksficka Stor x2 (large utility) Vätskesystem 2000 (Camelback) Mora 2000 (knife) Magasindumpficka 2000 (magdump) Kroppsskydd 90/A (body armour)
  2. -89 Nissan KingCab The good side of the car, previous owner decided to plant the left side into a lightpost.
  3. Or just an ordinary KSP58 that dosen't cost more than my car.
  4. Aint many people with matching headgear in Vostok and Zapad battalions. And about that fur hat, well, yeah we don't have high gear demands and Joel is a special guy
  5. Yeah, we noticed that on the end of the day sadly. And you're not "that guy", you're "one of those guys" Thanks guys for the comments.
  6. If it says that the piston and tappet plate are shorter then a normal wouldn't work, would it? And don't worry about the internals, these rifles aren't prone to breaking.... Ever. As long as you treat it right.
  7. Had a little photoshoot with 6 of our teams 14 members, our gear is loosely based on the Russian unit Vostok. Me bottom center. Gear listed: Gorka S Gorka E Summer Partizan Flora VSR KLMK 6sh92 Eger Tarzan RD-54 Noname KingArms chestrig
  8. Aha. Well, the PJ ones was cheaper from poland than a Kalash from china, so the little logo there is'nt that bad. I could just drop some paint on them if i really cared.
  9. Kalash AKS74, Danmu GP-30 Gen2 Kalash AKS74MN Kalash AKS74U Ugly MAG midcaps, but they are good and cheap. They are all steel versions. Pot metal aint good enough for me! Gonna buy a recoilbuffert and a torniquet for the AKS74, then i'm pretty much done. And to do a popular quote: It's solid, like BEAR!
  10. so.. How many have mounted a GP-25 on their Type 56/56-1?
  11. Anyone got a picture of a G36K with a full length barrel and a railed carryhandle? Also: Älskar dina G36or Pkekyo.
  12. That last picture looks like it's gonna hurt alot
  13. I don't see how swapping to a full metal teeth piston and to another set of gears eleminates that risk.
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