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  1. Dang, I would get one, but I only have access to green gas.
  2. Correct, SRC G36 is the only one that comes with that fancy mag release, stock.
  3. Ah ok, so if I decided to get one, I could put a Marui/clone gearbox and it would fit?
  4. Its pretty new, made by a US company named Magpul. They make a bunch of tacticool stuff and people gobble them up like no other. They make pretty good products though. The Angled Fore Grip is REALLY nice and very natural to hold. Combines using a foregrip and the thumb break grip method.
  5. Thumbs up for good use of the AFG. I love it to bits on my SR12. Oh yea and good review too, wish it didnt use so many proprietary parts. Im looking into a G36C and dont want to get a JG or Marui, and this has me interested.
  6. So how good are these guns stock? The svd caught my eye seeing how its only 50 dollars more than a sub-par JG BAR 10. Accuracy and stock range any good?
  7. Very nice and thorough review. I was gonna buy an A&K Mk43, but you've convinced me to get a KWA now. Except now I have the dilemma of either the SR12 or the SR10 Would the SR12 offer a dramatic grouping increase or is it more worth it to buy the SR10?
  8. Doesnt happen on mine, although one time the mag refused to seat completely in the mag well and misfeed but i think thats more the problem of not completely fillling the mag correctly
  9. I got my KWA MP7 today and I went through 8 mags with my friends, no problems yet. This gun is really awesome, KWA has outdone themselves.
  10. whats the max range this thing can achieve? I was thinking of getting this for plinking and the occasional backyard springer skirmish
  11. anyone whos got it wanna elaborate on the range this thing gets on propane? Good enough for a primary?
  12. can u tell if the full metal parts are steel or pot metal?
  13. hmm this rifle seems to be disappointing so far :/ oh well, gotta find some other way to spend 400 bucks
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