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  1. Look good although the solder joint look like they could of been better (although I know this is a test model). I hope this doesn't turn into the tsi armory stuff (remember how good it was suppose to be).
  2. What kind of battery are you using? Do you use bearing or bushing?
  3. What rail cover are those? How the AFG? Worth it? or just VFG it?
  4. Nothing special, just a stock KWA SR-10
  5. tosuzu

    KWA SR10

    Bought mines recently so I can't comment much but its a really nice build, only thing I can comment is the rear iron sight. You can't put the sight back down when you use the larger ring as it gets in the way (magpul BUIS don't have this problem).
  6. In your next post mind showing some pictures of the hop-up unit? Great review
  7. Is your Stock Hinge Connection Plate for WE SCAR Gas Blowback Rifle(I dunno what they call it) of the mainbody breaking apart? I hear its a common problem :\ ?
  8. At the actual shop, not website :|
  9. Poweredge should have them. Should check it out.
  10. Some picture would be nice too
  11. Yes its solid, but its .... I don't know... this funny feeling that I don't like but you are right, its solid, no creeks or wobbles.
  12. tosuzu

    AGM M4 GBB

    Is the inner barrel and hop-up bucking standard AEG or TM VSR or is it a special design?
  13. I felt the plastic on this thing from my local store and didn't really liked it. ABS I think but it works.
  14. Good Seller. Got the G19 in very good condition!!!

  15. JG HK 416 plastic body :| I"m too lazy to rewire atm.
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