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  1. Look good although the solder joint look like they could of been better (although I know this is a test model). I hope this doesn't turn into the tsi armory stuff (remember how good it was suppose to be).
  2. In your next post mind showing some pictures of the hop-up unit? Great review
  3. Is your Stock Hinge Connection Plate for WE SCAR Gas Blowback Rifle(I dunno what they call it) of the mainbody breaking apart? I hear its a common problem :\ ?
  4. Good Seller. Got the G19 in very good condition!!!

  5. Good seller. Quick seller(same school lol).

  6. Sold my KWA G19. Fast payment. Good Buyer.

  7. I was planning on owning after reading quite a extensive review about this gun and how it can take real part. I just never dab with RS part and its good to know that I can buy them "just in case." TBH I didn't even know the rules for RS firearms besides that I need to get a permit and go through interview etc etc etc
  8. About obtaining part for the rifles, Do I need anything to buy the rs nut or stock or anything? Do I need to be 18? 21? have a permit? what can't I buy?(I dunno what I can and cannot buy at all)
  9. UKau do you think you could fit a Li-Poly battery such as this one or this one (by cutting off the tape and fitting it to your needs) anywhere in the VFC's KAC PDW? It look like there maybe enough room to fit in the front reciever. Remember those Li-poly are 3 pieces.
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