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  1. I've PM's a few mods about this but I've not heard anything back. Thanks
  2. I'm not sure about the magazine you want to use but the magazine pouches will take a British Army water bottle pouch if that's any help.
  3. Family Photo Tactical Tailor 3 Day Pack Eagle Industries A-III HSGI Moose + 2 HSGI Nalgene pouches
  4. I liked this so much I thought i'd have a go:
  5. Which woodland? It's not M81, it has dots.
  6. They might have used on of these, I think it'd be a good fit
  7. Wouldn't it be better to put your magazines on the left leg? Then you wouldn't have to have them so far down and surely it'd be easier to reload from the left?
  8. Some HSGI and TT tan gear:
  9. Yeah I was going to say the photos look like what it might look like if it kicked off again. Also I think that flag is the wrong way round, easily done though.
  10. Great, I brought back a similar haul from Moscow when I was over there, do you know the ages of the cockades? I found one at Izmaylovo market that was either a '39 or a '46.
  11. Is that Multicam with WWII webbing?
  12. I'm 5'10" and it works really well for me, I do have it as high up as posible though, it basically sits on your hip rather than your thigh. I run it with a rigger belt with a 1911 in a serpa and a multitool on the other side.
  13. What's the point? You can pick up RS ones cheaper than this second hand.
  14. If you're having this problem you're probably wearing it to low, chest rig goes on the chest
  15. Great colour scheme with the sage green. HSGI leg rig, awesome
  16. That's awesome! Where can I get some?
  17. What's the purpose of the bungee?
  18. Nice, could do with some gloves mind.
  19. Join the club mate, he owes me £100 worth of gear.
  20. +1 WAS is real kit, not really in the same league as Pantac/Flyye
  21. Surely it'd be a lot lower profile without the x-harness?
  22. Kit list please? Especially the H-harness.
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