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  1. been a few months so... HERA HERA HERA!

  2. Nice! Looks really unique!
  3. Great buyer - prompt payment and good comms!


  4. Very quick postage time, excellent product and price, very good communications. Overall brilliant service.

    This guy cannot be rated highly enough. Top star seller.


  5. Class act, great seller :) :) :)

  6. Great seller, friendly and insanely rapid at sending items! Cheeers!!!

  7. Top seller, fast delivery and clear comms, recommended :)

  8. Reliable seller! But a massive enormous gigantic gay on IRC and reportedly elsewhere. Good times.

  9. Very nice, I'm plenty jealous of the p114c
  10. Ledpocket, that looks wicked, nice one mate
  11. Digging that GWS. RS grips on my P226, texture's rougher.
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