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  1. Anyone running a MK18 with an AN/PEQ-16A atm? If so, could y'all show me? Cheers. -Drum
  2. Cheers fella. Much appreciated. PLUS that set up looks legit. Top points for that one! -Drum
  3. This could be a REEEEAAAALLLYYY stupid question. But is the only way to wear Sordins with a FAST helmet, with those little rail clip thingies!? Cause I really want one. But im too scared to pull apart my Sordins. Haha.
  4. That episdoe is nuts, like, completely insane. Can't respect them enough. - Drum
  5. ^ I love that series. Can't wait for next weeks. Such a good insight into what they do. - Drum
  6. Ooooooh old topic. (please dont shoot me, this is a relevant question ) What type of OpsCore do PJ's use? It's been a long day. Cut me some slack
  7. My leg piece. Representing how much I despise some people's vanity. Thinking they're better than everyone else because they might be a bit better looking. BUT YES. Love it.
  8. "Excuse us madam, were from the internet and were here to tell you that 'Geoff, 23 from New Orleans' is actually Ted, 57 from Slough England'......you better come with us."
  9. Pleaasse....dont make me laugh, the idiots that live in this town couldn't terrorise this place if they tried with both hands, a map, directions and everything premade for them. Silly buggers.
  10. Not yours...but daym that 2nd one is going to be my wallpaper.
  11. Neo. Mind pointing me where you got your mechanix gloves from. I cant find those version's anywhere I love the VFC MOE gun. It's quite sexy
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