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  1. Camo as in camo pattern smart *albatross*
  2. Does anyone have any pics of ACU being worn with a vest/carrier in a different camo? Cheers.
  3. Oh lol it looked grey from the photo still a nice vest though!
  4. Lads, love the gear! is there any surplus Norwegian BDUs or only remakes? and where can I get them for good price?
  5. Well I think it looks RS cause it makes sense. Airsofters tend to add *suitcase* that looks cool or because some uber l33t unit uses the attachments or whatever. Nonames rifle seems simple, elegant and purposeful in a practical way. /endrant edit: Hey nonamed, how did you attach that magpul foregrip? is it the one ment for the MOE?
  6. I think a longer silencer would suit it better How do you find the elcan in use with the cheek rest? I ask because I find I need to raise my head significantly to use it, and was wondering if it it compensated for it?
  7. Decided to go a different route with my 550:
  8. G&G SIG SG 550 The scope I've got on there is just a cheapo ACM, I'm going to replace it soon I just don't know with what
  9. I came when I saw that PDW.
  10. In fairness, although put quite bluntly, it would've IMO looked better if he had stripped it apart and left all the little bits and bobs black/original colour. I personally get sick of all the crappy paint jobs where the gun was just sprayed on without even stripping it down, to me it jsut makes it look too toy like. But each to their own, it's just my opinion so if you like it like that then that's fair enough.
  11. @TooTall How did you get that bottom rail on there and what type of rail did you use? Thanks.
  12. Well, that sure is a wealth of information! I really appreciate that! you really must have a lot of spare time on your hands The reason why I want a TM cheek rest is because it's the only one I can find oddly enough! I like the look of the Elcan, it'd be sweet if you could get one in OD. Bummer about the scope mount, finding a G&G one for a good price is hard enough. Again thanks for the info, I just need to save up to get everything in order, which will be hard after Christmas and everything
  13. Thanks for the info. Will a TM cheek rest suffice? also, I presume the scope mount you have attached is a TM? I heard they wobble a bit on G&G receivers, is this true? Thanks for the help. On another note, what scope do you guys think would go well with a sg 550? I want something along the lines of an ACOG but I have the notion that it would look a bit small on the gun, would an ELCAN look any good?
  14. yee245, what cheek rest is that on your G&G sig550?
  15. Grand job, cheers for the reply. Should I bother with any of the ACM steel parts? Last question, will AEG stocks and grips/RAS fit on the JG? I know AEG stocks fit on the AGM but as far as I remember they do not fit on the WA thus they shoudn't fit on the JG, right? Thanks Again. EDIT: I forgot to ask, If I get a steel bolt stop should I also get a new bolt? seeing as it is probably made from cheap China metal, the steel bolt stop would probably bash it to bits.
  16. Right, I'm a complete 'noob' when it comes to GBBRs and gas guns in general but this is definitely the direction I want to be going. I'm planing on getting the JG over the AGM as I'm going to replace the body anyway, but I heard from somewhere that the buffer tube threads are different on the AGM and I assume the JG aswell? Also what parts need replacing?( that is necessary for reliability and performance and not Gucci-ness) I know for sure that the hopup chamber needs replacing but does the hopup rubber need to be replaced as well? and what else needs to be replaced? Sorry for the wall
  17. Hey guys, any chance of getting this to fire below 1 joule? Will there eventualy be special mags or what? I don't want to just put in a CQB barrel as this would compramise its range and accuracy. Thanks.
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