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  1. Welp looks like I'll hold off on spare mags. Hey it could be worse, the screws for the baseplate could be completely stuck leaving you unable to fix a leaky mag...
  2. To prove that I actually play airsoft and not flood the forums with silly questions:
  3. AG1212


  4. From the album: Stuff

    Taken by LAC, not my photos.
  5. From the album: Stuff

    Taken by LAC, not my photos.
  6. Damn! Nice, that handguard is super sexy. Maybe I could glue and bolt bits together to make something similar...
  7. Parts list for externals?
  8. Total Number of Rounds : ~500 Damage/Wear/Malfunction: Minimal surface wear on slide-frame interaction areas. Mag developed a leak from the fill-valve that seems to have slowed or stopped entirely. The leak occurred when filling outside in the evening 5-7 degrees C. I think it was due to the cold temps shrinking the o-rings on the fill-valve, coupled with over-pressurization of the mag (Gas condenses as it cools, thus more gas in mag in semi-liquid form, expands upon firing). Despite this leak, I was able to get off 3 mags the same evening in cold temps. I kept the same gas in the mag
  9. The RMR sits a little high no?
  10. Total Number of Rounds: 200~ Wear and Tear: Superficial wear on the barrel, chamber and rear of the slide where it meets the rails of the lower. Efficiency: 3 Mags Worth of BBs with no cooldown. However on the 3rd mag it failed to chamber a round about half way through, no further hiccups. On the 4th mag of bbs, cooldown was evident at round 12. Again, half-way though 1 bb failed to chamber due to a low powered shot previous. It still managed to fire all rounds on the 4th, however slide did not lock back. I'm going to assume for now that the failed-chambering is a break-in issue,
  11. Outstanding, just need to sell off a kidney.
  12. Oh? I don't remember reading that when I skimmed the thread Is it the Osprey with the ''power up'' barrel? Curious if it could handle the additional weight. The FNX is my favourite RS, so I'll be keeping it as long as it doesn't have any critical failures...only time will tell. Now to save up for Osprey and RMR, and spare mags, and a holster....
  13. I finally got mine! I love the look and the feel of the thing, recoil is nice balance between heavy and snappy, holds a *suitcase*-tonne of gas. I haven't any range to test it on so I can't comment on range and accuracy. It uses the 'w' style hop, so not sure how it'll fair... Only niggly issues I have: The slide and barrel are wibbly-wobbly, and as-stated the right slide release doesn't work. The slide release is made of a flimsy metal that just bends under pressure, and the right slide release is under more pressure so that makes sense. An aftermarket steel replacement would probab
  14. I've the opportunity to pick up one of these boomsticks second hand for a good price, could you lads help a brotha out and tell me if: A. Can this take GG without destroying itself in an Irish (moderate) climate and B. What are the major weak points/failings of the system? I've heard the nozzles tend to break and jam, barrel wobbles etc.
  15. I'm having bolt lock issues again. Half my mags lock-back, a 1/4 lock back and then return to battery when I removed the mag (just to troll me whilst getting shot at), and the rest just don't lock back at all, just sorta interrupt the bolt a little when empty. The bolt-lock latch on the mags all seem equally worn down. I've tried changing the mag springs and worked for a while but they quickly lost strength. Would shrink-wrapping the bolt-catch where it meets the bolt and/or where it interfaces with the mag work? Haven't tried it as I have none.
  16. Teflon Tape? My temporary solution was to tape the *suitcase* out of where the handguard meets the receiver, and where it meets the gas-block. It's inelegant but it works well enough for now.
  17. NEVER leave bbs in the mag! I spend ages trying to figure out why my second-hand mags weren't locking back, as the activation lever seemed exactly the same as the working mags. Turns out it was the mag springs being too weak, the previous owner must have left bbs in there like a tit! So if you're having the same problem, try and replace the springs, I got mine out of old DE tri-shot shells!
  18. That is the sexiest 1911 I've seen.
  19. It says they're out of stock when I go to order them Thanks anyways! I'll have a look at the ops anyway.
  20. Can you guys recommend me a good, affordable pair of OD Combat Trousers with built in knee-pads? I was going to go with the Claw Gear Stalker, but they seem to be out of OD everywhere. I found these, but I can't find any reviews anywhere, does anyone know if they are any good? Cheers guys.
  21. Really? I took out the spring and semi still works, but FA doesn't :/ I'll try removing the disconnecter itself.
  22. Does anyone know where I can get a steel disconnecter?
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