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  1. I'm loving the FG. It's the bog's dollocks. Makes Multicam and MTP look positively effeminate.
  2. Yes, I updated with that info earlier, too. Elsewhere, probably. Unless they get rid of the 'Licenced' rubbish though, it's still no sale!
  3. On HK USA's site: Not sure if that's a production or prototype....
  4. The ones I'm seeing in the UK have them. Retailers are saying they have them too. :(
  5. Looks like VFC missed the holes in the side rails.
  6. Can someone explain why people are using the Eagle 6 springs in TM Recoil SCARs? Does a standard spring not fit? My SCAR H is about 290fps with a Mad Bull tightbore and I'd love to push it to around 330fps. Also, has anyone disabled the blowback feature and seen an increase in ROF?
  7. I'm skeptical - what's with the photoshopped orange flash hider?
  8. Get anything made up: http://www.pmechanics.com/PrecisionMechanicsENG/custom-made-barrels.html
  9. Update: VFC have no plans to release a 20" Barrel RIS Kit.
  10. Neeeeed 20" barrel/RIS........ have emailed VFC to see if they're bringing that out as a kit.
  11. Cheers. Is it just blank like the RS?
  12. Is that on the real thing? (Licenced Trademark of...) Doesn't look right... In fact it looks ######.
  13. The airsoft replica is innacurate and/or out of date then?
  14. Can you enlighten on the weathering technique here? I need to smash my TM up a bit!
  15. People take bayonets to skirmishes? Even seeing a plastic/rubber one at a game makes me want to rip their dumb head off.
  16. QP Parts: Rear Sight / Front sight RS: Handguard / Carry handle KA Parts: The rest!
  17. Well, if you 'Rhodie'-up your G3 too, it'll still be historically correct.
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