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  1. Jag Arms Scattergun TSS Excellent clone of the Marui. Good gaseffeciency and has good precision and reach.
  2. TrexArms inspired paintjob. Tokyo Marui M4 NGRS Jag Arms Scattergun TSS
  3. SRC MP5 SD6 Awesome build quality with a steel body!
  4. I bought it in store at Airweapon. Also a german shop. Price was 381€.
  5. Thanks. Yeah first couple of mags through and really impressed. Snappy triggerresponse with a 11,1V 1100mah 20C LiPo. Shot 390 FPS out of the box. Got a cut Prometheus M135 Spring and now it runs at 1,02J. Only downside is the properiatry gearbox but i think there will be parts available soon. But its a complete new system.
  6. Tokyo Marui M&P9 VTAC Custom with DCI Guns RMR Mount 2.0 and RMR Clone
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