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  1. These appear to be the AC cut rather than the G3 which is why they are missing a few of the things like the crotch stretch panel and waist adjustment. How much did these come to then? I am quite tempted by a set in Russian camo.
  2. So does this mean you have a spare breacher pistol grip knocking around now Jebus?
  3. The LR300 from ZM was actually in production and was a working AR15 with no buffer tube. It did use a different gas system though so not sure you can count it in exactly the same way.
  4. I agree with druid. its a 70/80's tropics shirt. But they were used by squadies up until the switch to MTP.
  5. I am not sure what I have just seen and if I think it is disgusting or absolutely amazing... Its like being in Thailand all over again.
  6. That is dirty and I love it. I feel so wrong.
  7. FCC are based in HK and make aftermarket parts for PTWs, they also make all their own components so it is possible to have a 100% FCC PTW. I owned one of their 416 kits and the quality was amazing. But I have no idea on the quality of their internals.
  8. Revision make balistically rated aviators. http://www.revisionmilitary.com/product/alphawing/
  9. I have one of those lids, I use it for climbing in.
  10. Yeah, if you had said it was Norfolk I wouldn't have doubted you.
  11. Fixed it for you, you Northern Monkey.
  12. Well this is a US Army SF (or Green Beret's) thread, not a Ranger one.
  13. We only had UGL's (203's) in the later Iraq war, where they used a bandoleer of 11 40mm shells. If you are looking at a GW1 SAS/SBS kit though there doesn't appear to be anything specific they used, I imagine 1 or 2 would have pinched a septic 203's vest or would have just put them in pouches they had on their webbing, maybe swapping out 3 mags for a couple of 40mm's.
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