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  1. Atsalakotos


    Browsing through Facebook for pics from the MOA show these pics got my attention, they are from GBB Gamer (Hong Kong) There is also a 5.56, and they both seem like GBB. I really hope VFC gets the slide stock MPX with markings out...
  2. Atsalakotos

    Modify MOD 90 Semi-Auto Shotgun

    If they are using a marui type feeding system then that would be very hard, since the mechanism sits at the start of the magazine tube and there is no space on a saiga for that... Magazine fed shotguns are going to need a different system that would need R&D that no companies seem to be willing to do...
  3. Atsalakotos

    Modify MOD 90 Semi-Auto Shotgun

    Came across this video with a guy from modify speaking proper English. Sounds promising, cant wait to see the actual product in action.
  4. Atsalakotos

    Modify MOD 90 Semi-Auto Shotgun

    Here she says 30 round magazines... Shell comes out and shell stays in, I dont know sounds like they will have 2 versions... Wish we had someone give a better explanation...
  5. Atsalakotos

    Modify MOD 90 Semi-Auto Shotgun

    Modify had a booth at IWA and they had a 3d printed model of this: The booth girl's english wasnt that good, but on another video she mentions its a 3 shot semi auto... Seems cool. Hope its GBB and that bolt isnt just for show. Still... what an odd choice of a shotgun to make..
  6. I am just waiting for Krytac to show their Origin 12... At least i hope so...
  7. Atsalakotos

    Hephaestus GBB PP19-01

    If I am not mistaken the King Arms VSS is almost 1:1 to the real one.. It doesnt have that ugly hump the LCT ones have for the battery space.. But yeah thats off topic even if we all wish it was a 9x39 and not a 9x19 A PP-19 is a breath of fresh air i guess, I always liked the idea of an SMG AK but stopped being interested in AEGs a long time ago..
  8. Atsalakotos

    Modify MOD 90 Semi-Auto Shotgun

    As renegadecow has already mentioned, it could be a bolt carrier that actuates pump arms similar to what you see in marui M870 shotguns, the feeding system would be just in front of the shell port so it would not be visible from the ejection port. This is the easiest way to make a 3-shot (6-shot is a bit more complicated) GBB shotgun with minimum R&D and its definitely doable (In theory) So it doesn't surprise me that people have made renders of this, but a render or a prop is nothing really... I want to see a prototype in action before i get hyped.
  9. Atsalakotos

    Modify MOD 90 Semi-Auto Shotgun

    Somehow i feel that this is going to be a marui M870 internally with the action bars linked to the trigger pull (Double action). But if its not, then this is very very interesting even if the receiver and ejection port looks off. Also i am baffled with their choice of gun... They could go with a benelli that everyone and their mother wants one, AND it has a lot fatter and longer receiver which means more space to work out a mechanism to fit.
  10. Atsalakotos

    VFC HK417 GBBR

    A normal AR charging handle will NOT fit the Hk417, there is a huge size difference in the bolts both in length and diameter. Here is a pic i took in comparison with an old AGM M4 bolt and charging handle I had. Hope this helps.
  11. Atsalakotos

    VFC HK417 GBBR

    Well I have noticed the bolt bouncing a lot more than any 5.56 AR variant I have owned... But I rarely get misfeeds as the nozzle stays in place. I would suggest removing the nozzle and polishing the inside of the bolt carrier, as it is painted and with use the paint wears off unevenly causing the nozzle to move sluggishly. (And of course lubricate the nozzle oring properly)
  12. Atsalakotos

    H&K Picture Thread

    I guess we need more HK417.. VFC GBBR with 16" Kit (RAS and outer barrel) I have problems with my bipod not attaching firmly, thats why there is cardboard between it and the mount
  13. Atsalakotos

    VFC MP5 (Umarex Licensed)

    Couldn't ask for a better answer, thanks. I will refrain from buying any valves for now, and I will just get the azimuth power down floating valve for the bolt. I don't really care about recoil, but yes, the cycling on full auto is a bit iffy.. Although I don't really plan on using it on full auto that much as I am using the gun in CQB only, i will pull it apart when i have free time and look onto the things you mentioned! Cheers!
  14. Atsalakotos

    VFC MP5 (Umarex Licensed)

    Picked up a used MP5A5 a few days ago. Had issues with the hop up, did the VSR mod with a nineball rubber and I am getting incredible range and accuracy, no misfeeds and it only took me around 20 minutes.. Already skirmished with this once and it works very well and I am thinking of picking up a few parts in case something goes wrong with it, and have been looking at magazine valves too... So, are Azimuth valves worth it?
  15. Atsalakotos

    VFC HK417 GBBR

    Took my 417 today for test firing. VFC 420mm inner with PDI W-Hold bucking, I could hit a man sized target at 80 meters 90% of the time. My gun works and feeds perfect on semi, with an occasional flyer every 10-15 shots (Don't know whats causing this, maybe the rubber and barrel need some breaking in..) I don't really care about full auto, but this GBB definitely doesn't like it, my groupings were EVERYWHERE. Also I never really bothered with cooldown because here in Greece the temperatures are above 15 degrees most of the time, but the gun worked perfectly today which was very cold (-2 to 0 degrees) I am definitely enjoying my purchase, and would suggest it to anyone trying to decide whether to buy this or not, but NOT if you plan on using it on full auto. VFC has DEFINITELY stepped up their game with this. (Comparing it to the Mp5 and HK416c) And some pictures I took (Was getting late so quality is lame..):

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