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  1. lee stephenson

    Redwolf M2 Browning

    I live in the UK, and judging by the flag under your avatar, you do as well, so I wouldn't recommend trying it here!
  2. lee stephenson

    Redwolf M2 Browning

    I believe that counts as re-activation.... Which carries considerable prison time with it....
  3. lee stephenson

    Practical Shoot

    Ask questions and don't do anything unless told by a Range Officer, apart from that, have fun!
  4. lee stephenson

    'Bed in box' memory foam mattresses - Anyone a convert?

    My wife and I went into Dreams and made the mistake of going "lets try the most expense bed" and there after all of the others felt terrible.. Ended up buying a king size Tempur with electric adjustment, and it was one of the best purchases we have ever made. One thing most people don't tell you, is that memory foam is lovely to sleep on, but due to the nature of foam, it less good for other bed based pastimes.... The lack of bounce makes makes moving around the bed more of an effort, but supports you when you are asleep. If you do go for an electrically adjusable, just be aware that they using have a divide in the middle, thought this is brilliant if you sleep with a bed hog, as its a clear demarcation of your side!
  5. lee stephenson

    Ronin tactics senshi belt alternatives (UK)

    I was going to suggest Alex at Intelligent Armour. Nice guy and could possible do a custom belt if its not a stock item. Lee
  6. lee stephenson

    Classic Army M132 Microgun Review

    So as there doesn't seem to be any owners threads for this little baby, is it worth using this one? Recently bought one second hand, and yesterday was my first outing with out. Running it on HPA, and have found it battles to hit a measured 20m, even with the input pressure turned up to near max (running at 110 PSI, and manual stated max input of 120 PSI) Setting the hop rubbers on this is "interesting". Found that on mine, it didn't seem to hop .25s, and I got better range with 0.2s (first time ever I've had this!). I tried the following methods to set the hops after I ran tape around the barrels to keep track of which is which. - With battery disconnected, adjust hop 1, manually rotate round until it gets just to the firing position, and then see where the BB goes as the barrel rotates. This chews through the air, and is still difficult to get an idea of the trajectory. At least this seems the best way to chrono! - With battery connected, back off all the hops to minimum, start working on Hop 1 and watch to see if hopefully one of the four BBs has a different trajectory. Once set, repeat with next hope until complete. This seemed sensible, but didn't really get me anywhere more than luck would have! I also couldn't see one trajectory getting noticeably better or worse than the others. - As a third option, I just eye balled the depth of the hop screws, and got them all about even. This at least set the individual trajectories to be relatively similar paths, but still didn't give me much range or seem to affect anything noticeably. Based on the above, I would almost guess that the current rubbers are not really doing much! As I got this second hand, I want to give all the barrels a good clean, as I don't know what state they are in. Hopefully this may improve things, but not holding out much hope. If this doesn't help, then it may be a case of swapping out the hope rubbers for something better ( previously have used Madbull Blues to good effect). If that doesn't help, I feel I may be at the edge of an expensive and time consuming rabbit hole! Anyone else running one of these? I know that Bada Bing sold his, so wondering if I am the only person who wants to persevere and getting this up and running well! Later daze Lee
  7. lee stephenson

    The most Advanced Airsoft Grenade in the World!

    I backed it, but knowing that I was backing a project, not buying a product, which some people seem to think that because they paid for it, it was a guaranteed thing.. That's the joy/ danger of kickstarter!
  8. lee stephenson

    Airsoft sites South Wales

    Its fine in the forest, the trees block most of the rain, and the UN base can get fairly close, so its kinda like CQB!
  9. lee stephenson

    Airsoft sites South Wales

    Don't forget Spartan Airsoft in Bristol. We have a few players that drive past Dragon Valley to get to site...
  10. lee stephenson

    The most Advanced Airsoft Grenade in the World!

    I have! They have been very good about keeping people updated via facebook, with photos of the parts and details of where they are with the build. Looking forward to getting mine. Lee
  11. lee stephenson


    Bolt hold open on the Pmaps when used with the Mega Arms can be an issue. The Pmags can cause the Mega Arms to lock back on every shot, thought this can be solved with a small amount of time and a file. Definitly going to try the conversion shown above!! Lee
  12. I have a Airsoft Surgeon SAI slide on mine, and run it with a WE CO2 mag. Seems to fire fine, bit more of a kick, but same power as standard green gas, thought slitghtly lower than WE Europe Green gas! On CO2 it chrono's around 320ish. Later daze Lee
  13. Just been offered one to try, so as soon as I have it and get a chance to get it fitted, I'll join in with my thoughts. Later daze Lee
  14. lee stephenson


    I would have thought so as well,as I have always had good results with the PTS kit, when I'm not away working, I should probably compare the two and see if the selector section is different.
  15. lee stephenson


    I have one of the Magpul ami selectors on my Mega Arms, installation was very simple, just push out the old selector and push in the new one. The only thing I don't like is the selector mechanism no longer has the nice, definite click between settings! Hoping I can get one of the Bad *albatross* ones instead, if they every get made for GBBRs. Later daze Lee

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