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  1. That's disappointing. I knew there must be tradeoffs but that doesn't sound worth even toying with.
  2. It's odd that TM decided to make another AK-47. And it really kind of puts the spotlight on how remarkable it is that despite all of their other progress and innovation, TM still can't make "wood" that looks halfway decent. It's possible to get it there, though.
  3. What kinda cracks me up about all of these purist-offending updated AKs on this page and last is that they all have left alone the biggest visible feature that can really use an update: the stock. But yeah anyway renegadecow your AK looks pretty much like my real one (other than it's full-length). That comp is a real friend-maker.
  4. Well now I'm real curious about those pics that are missing. Bada Bing, that's kinda cool. Also... is that a Nona that's been graffiti'd to *suitcase*?? Kind of a shame.
  5. Yeah, one of many reasons why I'm getting old and fat avoiding places like that like the plague. Unfortunately we keep losing all of our good alternatives around here.
  6. Nice German kits, Feldjager. Don't see that many well-done impressions in the field (especially in places like SC Village, shame about the neon tape)
  7. IDF Golani Brigade infantry kit.
  8. Nice job, GRIM! The Getty watermark really sells it.
  9. Sure, this thread, why not.
  10. Some images from back in March at MSW's Rostov Rising. I ran a 5-man recon element. Here we are steady chilling in an impromptu LP/OP, taking it easy because we were up most of the previous night doing the same thing very close to enemy lines. Several times during the weekend we were able to identify, infiltrate, and hit the rear of a much larger element and roll them up. In this photo, we've just overrun a platoon CCP, effectively ending a major assault. Good times. The whole element.
  11. Highly recommend the Obzor, if you don't mind having a larger optic.
  12. Yeah, I don't spend as much time with a rifle as Travis does. (probably no one does). I'm pretty sure without thousands of hours of muscle memory into it you'd be losing a lot of skin!
  13. Some nice developments there. Although that one ^^ on this page looks like a nightmare to run, if it was a real weapon. Hand burn city with all that exposed barrel and gas block steel.
  14. Thanks. The 2 guys on the left obviously just starting to put it together. (and the guy on the far left had to borrow pants that don't fit him for some reason, haha – he calls it his "Home Guard kit")
  15. Took me a while to find it. Now that I see it was posted in 2015, I'm a little more cautious about it.
  16. A variety of kits in progress
  17. I mean, I wonder how many of these guys are really frontline fighters. Or maybe they just don't have time to care.
  18. Practice makes perfect with the iron sights. There's a different "cheek weld" philosophy to the AK so it's more about positioning your head in an AK-space rather than trying to adapt western ideas backwards. As was already said, it's all about the front sight anyway (in any form of shooting, really). I would not put an optic on it at all, for your intended purpose. If you do, get something issued at least. I have an RPG sight that I sometimes use on my "insurgent" rifle... it provides a mild magnification function and also looks the part... but usually I simply don't use that at all. Same
  19. G&G's new promo video also is veeeeerrrry interesting, if it actually all works as advertised. (and if they offer it in a model that's at all appealing, not like the one in the CG video)
  20. Yeah I don't think BB accuracy is a good judge of recoil, no matter how you slice it. Anyway, yes, you can find pictures and videos of older 417s out there, and many of them do not have markings on the right side.
  21. Maybe I should have been more specific. Almost any mag is real easy to disassemble... it's the RE-assembly that's the issue. The TM mags are designed so that once you put the spring back in the channel, it stays put, even under pressure. This was not my experience with PTS mags, which just about drove me insane. Well, the VFC 417 (I assume you mean their GBB, otherwise I would like some of your drugs) is essentially famous for strong kick, so I'm not sure that's a fair comparison. But it's certainly a lot more pronounced than any other EBB I've ever used, and up there with a few
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