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  1. 1,5 years without pics in this thread - are there no airsoft machineguns around? Ah well, then I'll post another one: Inokatsu M60E3 - pretty nice gun with the steel receiver, but honestly it's a bit disappointing, that it came with aluminum trunnion, aluminum outerbarrel and aluminum gasblock. Managed to source one of the rare Inokatsu steel kits with steel trunnion (which also has more authentic markings than the aluminum trunnion), steel outerbarrel and steel gasblock, so now everything that has to be steel is Also got a RetroArms gearbox with better internals, a
  2. Pydracor


    Oh, sorry for the late reply Comes in at 5,5 kg without the accessoires, full monty with scope, bipod, silencer and foregrip, it's at about 6,7 kg.
  3. Pydracor


    Something a bit different: WE M14 (with Ra-Tech trigger group) inside a realsteel TROY S.A.S.S. (Semi Automatic Sniper System) chassis. Very nice high-end chassis, CNC aluminum, the M14 needs a few adjustments, the trigger box doesn't fit in flawlessly yet. Will see how to fix that.
  4. Collecting for quite a while now, still happy as a child, when I get my hands on something rare - in this case, the happyness is accompanied by something like awe, as it doesn't get much rarer than this Tanaka Colt SAA Casyopea (which already is rare as hell in and of itself, as these were banned in Japan together with their Casyopea counterpart, the S&W M500) with a Prime CNC Brass Kit (possibly the only brass kit for Casyopea in existence, either a mod of a Pegasus brass kit, or Prime has begun to build one of these, but stopped when the Casyopeas were banned in Japan). The loa
  5. Recently aquired, can't remember when I saw one of these offered for sale the last time - so it makes me pretty happy, that I finally got one I live in Germany, thus the "cut out" nono-symbols
  6. Finally got something that had been on my list for quite a while now. And to boot, it's the gun of a deceased friend, which he had sold off prior to his death and which has now found its way to me on mysterious pathways 😌 Hephaestus HTS-14 Groza, 1st version, with the early full steel silencer and a Pilar scope (civil version of the military scope, that belongs on the Groza but is extremely hard to find), Just need different mount rings, these look aweful. Really happy about this! ☺️
  7. Recent acquirement, one that needed a total brain-shutdown πŸ˜‹ WE Desert Eagle with ALC full steel kit and realsteel MAK grips. Got it used from HongKong, so it wasn't as expensive as a new ALC kit (which really costs an arm and a leg), but still the most expensive pistol I ever bought... it definately is an EXTREMELY impressive GBB kit, everything in that kit is CNC machined steel: Slide, frame, front part, sights, trigger, slidecatch + disassembly lever, safety, hammer. This one is the somewhat rarer version in dark chrome. Altogether this DE now weighs in at 2.283g, which is ab
  8. Sorry to hear that @CatgutViolin As I did not get any response to my last 3 emails, we gave up. It's obvious, that the only way we could go now is taking legal action, but suing a shop on the other side of the world is far too much effort for 300 USD. And they obviously know this. So I complimented them on having found a reliable way to rip off foreign customers and after staying polite and business-like for dozens of mails I politely asked them to go *fruitcage* themselves. 🀬
  9. Something I've been hunting for quite a while now: Hudson IMI Jericho 941 GBB, silver version Very rare gun from the early 2000's, uses the Maruzen GBB system from their P99. One of only 3 airsoftguns Hudson has ever built and the only GBB of this pistol. Had to install wood grips on this (they're almost drop in, just have to remove a little from the heightened wood part on the inside, so that it fits the pocket of the frame), back then I only found ones with the newer "IWI" name. Recently found ones with "IMI", they're on their way now Surprisingly tight me
  10. Got my grips and DE this weekend. Now I get what you meant with that "spacer", there's not a gap between the frame and the grips, but a gap between the two halves of the grips πŸ˜… Well, that can be a real pain, when you chose grips with a pattern in the wood, going around the back... like I did... Just making a spacer isn't enough, you have to copy the wood pattern with the spacer. That will be pretty annoying and looking terrible when something goes wrong 😝 Will keep you updated!
  11. Hate to do something like that, but this is getting ridiculous... I reckon most of you here know SWIT Airsoft in Taiwan, it definately is an interesting store with cool, out of the ordinary items and custom stuff. This is the story of an order at SWIT, that has become an ordeal, which started in May 2020 and is still going on! A friend of mine and I ordered an EMG Steel TTI Combat Master at Swit, plan was, that I get the steel slide + outer, he keeps the rest for a project. Back then, in May 2020, Shipping with EMS wasn't possible, due to the pandemic - that was tot
  12. Can you give a few hints on what to do to fit real grips on this? Will receive mine end of the week and would like to put realsteel grips on it, too, but it's hard to find pics or info on what has to be done πŸ˜‘πŸ™‚
  13. GHK AKM with steel outer, Hephaestus steel trigger parts, recoil kit, LCT steel PBS-1, Ra-Tech wood grip and several mags (2 of which are ProWin mags, which have one of the dumbest fill-valve designs of all third party GBB mag manufacturers out there - can't fill the mag without the help of a pretty long adapter piece, as the valves sit in a deep recess of the body πŸ™„) GHK AK74 with steel outer, aluminum PBS-4, Hephaestus clone of the 40 rounds mag, bayonet, and a realsteel PK-A red dot
  14. Are these the 40mm grenade versions of the Panzerfaust? Looking good, just a few type-os in the german lettering
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