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  1. Yeah, installing the rail was a right pain, particularly when it came to screwing the delta ring tight. Getting the top rail of the MRE lined up with the top of the receiver took me around an hour. More Rail Estate is a good way of looking at it actually. I doubt I'll ever actually use all of the space with gadgets and lights, but it's nice to know it's there. And it looks a bit different, you don't see too many MRE's on the field here. To be honest, I've had this rifle (pro-line, not sportline) for about 2 years, and I paid £120 for it when my friend wanted to get rid of it after havi
  2. You mean mine? The base rifle is a Classic Army M15A4, with a Jing Gong MRE free-floating rail. If you mean the grip, it's a gangster grip, basically a 1" torch in a QD low profile scope mount, bolted to a cut-down AR pistol grip. It's a CAG thing, thought it looked pretty gucci so I had a crack at making my own. Works very well in game.
  3. Me at F&O Bolton a few weeks ago. In an odd glitch, this image popped up in my Facebook news feed in a post by the Funker530 channel, entitled, 'An Iraqi rocket headed for ISIS positions', which made me laugh!
  4. Here's my Classic Army M4, loosely based on something used by CAG. Only things missing are a KAC suppressor and a Car-15 stock sling mount. The cable tie around the rear of the receiver is there to keep the two halves together, because those little pins that keep them together snapped off.
  5. Looks awesome, you do have a faint air of 'gangly Eastern European' about you
  6. Wouldn't be complete without an old-school SF handlebar. (Btw, this loadout is still very much a work in progress, still need a storm grip and a 4x ACOG + Docter for the Diemaco, Selex CT5 and a few bits for my MICH 2000. Maybe swap out some of the Warrior pouches for BHI ones too. It's getting there!)
  7. Getting my Task Force Knight on at F&O Bolton last weekend:
  8. Myself just before endex at Stirling Airsoft's Op: Hamsworth at UCAP Sandpit yesterday. Cracking weekend!
  9. Not sure how relevant this is since it's just the one bit of grey kit, I'm hardly gonna compete with the BFG and Arc'Teryx kit on show here! Anyway.. Here's me with my Craghoppers (as part of a 2001 Naka valley SBS loadout) at Stirling Airsoft's Op: Jester at Great Blackhill Farm in late November. Apologies for the poor quality pic: Comfy, lightweight and quick drying. TK Maxx had a winter set for sale as well but I opted for these so I can use them all year round. Teamed with a set of long johns, it was a simple and effective set up for a 24 hour game in the Beacons.
  10. Here's my attempt at a Diemaco. Any comments/criticisms are welcome of course. Formerly a G&P CQBR, the only major mod to make it into an SFW was that the KAC free-float RIS, delta ring and upper receiver were swapped out for the correct ones, along with a 10" barrel replacing the stock 10.5". Internally, everything is stock apart from a Madbull blue hop rubber - gonna to whack a Madbull ultimate hop and barrel combo in there as soon as I can afford it. I am aware the lower receiver and Magpul trigger guard are incorrect, but I'm happy with it for now. I'm also aware that
  11. Here's a couple I knocked up for my team not too long back. Hopefully we'll actually get them made into patches soon! Consensus seemed to be around getting Regular II made into a PVC patch, which I think would look boss.
  12. Badass videos, cant wait to do Op Desert Fox in March!
  13. Nice flight gloves, don't see those much any more!
  14. Gunman North West, Whitworth, Rochdale, Sunday 4 November 2012. Team Djinn. I'm on the front row, centre, with the shemagh round my neck: Shortly before I threw the pyro at a bunker, taking out 4 blokes and winning the game: Looking badass: Just had to post this up as it's a great shot of my team-mates raining some serious *albatross*-kicking down on the enemy: Slamming the neutral flag in before we had to count 60 seconds until we could change it to our blue flag: Getting laced:
  15. Let's face it, airsoft is all about how sexy you look, no?
  16. Not entirely sure why I'm pulling this expression, perhaps in an attempt to look like a grizzled SFDELTASEALSAS guy. Obviously failing:
  17. G&P CQBR, got this from a fella on here. Wanted one of these for YEARS. So happy. Can anyone identify the laser unit for me? Came with the gun, no idea if it's meant to be a copy of a real steel model or if it's just one the manufacturer designed. And again, with a pretty-boy paint job:
  18. You'd think so, but because I cross the shoulder straps over rather than have them straight up and over, they pull the bib tight. Sure, it flaps a bit when I run, but it's hardly noticeable. I prefer it up on my chest rather than on my leg, freedom of movement and all that.
  19. WAS 901. Barring the radio, which will be switched out for an XTNi eventually, this is my finished rig (after 2 and a half years of running various configurations).
  20. http://www.aresgear.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=33&products_id=6 This one?
  21. Ah, sweet. I'll check those out too then.
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