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  1. A variation of my main winter kit...
  2. Here's a few pictures of myself and a few team mates of mine.
  3. Following suite with the 416's on this page... FCC Hk416
  4. Great photos guys! Here's a few different shots of me from some games recently... NORTHERN LIGHT IV LOCAL SIM (playing a marksman for a change) RAAT SEASON OPENER
  5. Heres some shots of me at Op. Lightning Strike IV
  6. Here's my current lid. Still working on replacing a few things as I go, but I'm liking it a lot more than my opscore. Without the cover
  7. Here's one of my kits (working on building two completely different loadouts, at the same time), a never ending WIP, but might as well post it =/ KIT LIST: HEAD -HELMET: Opscore Ballistic*, Manta*, V-Lites*, Wilcox arm*, PVS 15's*, Ferro HCW, Contour HD, PT Charge MPLS -Oakley Carbon M Frames TORSO - 2nd LINE: Ferro FCPC, ferro front insert pouch, ferro wingman pouch, Motorola GP 68 , ferro fast mag pouch, DIY Slap charge and pouch, diy bolt cutters pouch, bolt cutters, CAT tourn., V-lite, US Flag patch -AOR1 Combat shirt* -Casio G shock GA 110 -Mechanix Orig. gloves -Ferro G
  8. Heres ONE of my new Lids (almost finished, just waiting for a new NVG arm to arrive in the mail) ZERO DARK THIRTY / MARK "OWEN" INSPIRED
  9. Here's my rigs... LEFT: Mayflower APC RIGHT: Ferro Concepts FCPC

    $1K club.

    Got this a little while ago, finally got it kitted out enought to post it... Fight Club Custom HK 416 (complete fcc build, not the conversion kit)
  11. Heres my new CQB rig, the Ferro Concepts FCPC.
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