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  1. Ah it's just CA is the kind of company that strikes me as the one that would do something like this And thank you Hehe thanks I actually like the look of it bare, well I like the long barrelled one with the proper stock.
  2. Thanks guys, and don't worry interious I have no reason to doubt you, but if I ever feel like throwing money at this gun I'll be sure to change the gearbox (minus a few screws it seems ) so I can use decent gears Might as well throw up a pic from when it was in it's prime too. EDIT: So.Many.Cable.Ties.
  3. Wow thank you intinerious, I wasn't aware that there were differences in the sizes of the CA and TM gearbox I thought it was just that their receivers were in compatible. So you're right on the gear decision, I'm not too keen on buying CA gears, it seems as though it would be better to leave it as is. The quality of the body is quite poor so it's not really worth putting too much money into it if I have to stick with CA gears, luckily I have my 97B to use. Thanks for all your recommendations but it seems as though this one has met it's end, I'll keep the upgrade parts in mind for future p
  4. I got one of these as my first gun what must be 3 years ago now. The plastic body was ideal for me (very light) but the quality wasn't overly fantastic. My gearbox lasted between 50000-60000 rounds before the fps dropped suddenly to ~220 fps. The range on mine was also pretty good (stock) and still is. It's currently broken but has since had the piston, bushings and gears changed out (spring too, apparently the stock one was "broken" according to the shop I had it dropped into, they gave me a free spring and gears so hey). I'm planning a bit of a revival for the gun seen as it was my firs
  5. After 1 game in the rain there's rust on my 97B ?_?

  6. Cheers, same as mine. I'll be getting my 7.4v lipos soon enough so I'll know what to expect.
  7. Just wondering what FPS you're running it at? I take it that if you're in Japan its sub 1 Joule? Thank you.
  8. RS Type 97B €250/£220 Delighted :D

  9. King Arms Blaser R93, yummy :D

  10. Need Help. Can't find a thread on vehicles that I saw a good while ago, can anyone help me?

    1. evansy
    2. richieffff


      Cheers evansy but it's not what I was looking for, maybe its not even on this forum. It was a thread on in-game vehicles, maybe it was on one of my local sites.....

  11. Used ARES TAR 21 or New G&G GR16 CQW RUSH .......decisions, decisions

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. Stuey


      it's better than the externals being made of cheese, nothing you can do about that

    3. FireKnife


      Mmmm, Ares jam and cheese, sounds great. Get the G&G, especially the FF15 or FF16 :P

    4. richieffff


      Haha the femme fatal isn't quite my cup of tea. Hmm tea Area jam and cheese are we having a dinner party here?

  12. Yay, opened and fixed my first gearbox, my gun now shoots fine. The ultimate test will be time though. I honestly though that V2 gearboxes were the antichrist from reading other forums.

  13. Best day ever! I won a €150 voucher to my local airsoft shop in a competition. Now to choose which goodies to buy, I'm thinking Auscam for my new tan chest-rig :)

    1. Gunmane



      Anyways, congrats!

    2. richieffff


      Haha classic :P Thanks

  14. Just bought my Warrior 901 eite can't wait for it to arrive :) My first proper chest rig.

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    2. Bando


      a team mate has one in OD and its seems ace good buy

    3. Blackjack13


      Don't worry, the new tan is pretty much identical to CB anyway! The back panel is a good investment if you are wanting MOLLE space for hydro/pack/comms, but for access it's pretty much useless


    4. richieffff


      Thats great news about the tan and Bando there was no OD option for me to get.

      I must much the back panel for a hydro pack anyway or carry a canteen.

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