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  1. After 1 game in the rain there's rust on my 97B ?_?

  2. RS Type 97B €250/£220 Delighted :D

  3. King Arms Blaser R93, yummy :D

  4. Need Help. Can't find a thread on vehicles that I saw a good while ago, can anyone help me?

    1. evansy
    2. richieffff


      Cheers evansy but it's not what I was looking for, maybe its not even on this forum. It was a thread on in-game vehicles, maybe it was on one of my local sites.....

  5. Used ARES TAR 21 or New G&G GR16 CQW RUSH .......decisions, decisions

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. Stuey


      it's better than the externals being made of cheese, nothing you can do about that

    3. FireKnife


      Mmmm, Ares jam and cheese, sounds great. Get the G&G, especially the FF15 or FF16 :P

    4. richieffff


      Haha the femme fatal isn't quite my cup of tea. Hmm tea Area jam and cheese are we having a dinner party here?

  6. Yay, opened and fixed my first gearbox, my gun now shoots fine. The ultimate test will be time though. I honestly though that V2 gearboxes were the antichrist from reading other forums.

  7. Best day ever! I won a €150 voucher to my local airsoft shop in a competition. Now to choose which goodies to buy, I'm thinking Auscam for my new tan chest-rig :)

    1. Gunmane



      Anyways, congrats!

    2. richieffff


      Haha classic :P Thanks

  8. Just bought my Warrior 901 eite can't wait for it to arrive :) My first proper chest rig.

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    2. Bando


      a team mate has one in OD and its seems ace good buy

    3. Blackjack13


      Don't worry, the new tan is pretty much identical to CB anyway! The back panel is a good investment if you are wanting MOLLE space for hydro/pack/comms, but for access it's pretty much useless


    4. richieffff


      Thats great news about the tan and Bando there was no OD option for me to get.

      I must much the back panel for a hydro pack anyway or carry a canteen.

  9. Operation Spring Storm and a nice BBQ to follow can't beat that :D

  10. Operation Spring Storm and a nice BBQ to follow can't beat that :D

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