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  1. Blackjack13

    Pictures of your Plate Carriers

    Cheers! Also a correction to the above; it's a Selex CT1, not an Invisio M3. The Invisio M3 is what's going to go into it. As for the 'pads'; they're just the stock ones that come with the JPC. They're also not so much pads as multicam shoulder condoms (thin feel)....
  2. Blackjack13

    Pictures of your Plate Carriers

    Been working on this since last year, and it's finally nearing completion. Only thing that's likely to change is I'll go back to having the pack as a stand alone unit rather than attached. Intended for use as part of an Australian SASR (2013) impression kit: Crye JPC BFG Double AR15 10-Speed Mag Pouch Platatac Tear-Off IFAK Platatac Drop-Down MBITR Platatac Bullock Echo *Mini IR ANF Patch, Source 2Ltr Bladder, C.A.T., Sharpie, Replica SAPI plates weighted to mimic RS Invisio M3 United Star PRC-148 MBITR w/ Relocation Cable & Whip Antenna
  3. Blackjack13

    Custom Gear

    Are we talking what we put in the hollow replica plates for weight, or what we make replica plates out of? If it's the former then building sand. One of my friends uses sugar. I've also read of folks using plaster, as that solidifies (though if you fill the whole plate up then the weight if off). If it's the latter then generally stuff like camping mat, foam and chopping board seems the most common.
  4. Blackjack13

    AR15 Variants and Derivitives Picture Thread

    If it ends in disaster just buy a bottle of acetone and spend an hour stripping it back to black. Simples. Personally I like MilCiv (CivMil ) builds that are painted. Guns are meant to be practical tools after all, and we're replicating that. Pat Rogers would be proud.
  5. Blackjack13

    AR15 Variants and Derivitives Picture Thread

    It's CivMil; a civilian build to a Mil. spec. Visit AR15.com and look at them fanboy'ing out over BlockII Mk18's, then you'll get where I'm coming from!
  6. Blackjack13

    Pics of your Gear

    I spent about 18 months building this kit only to then play two games in and go "Nah, I fancy something else...". My geardoism is now taking me down the impression route (at least with regards to Multicam kit), but this loadout was just a free build with heavy Mil./realism influence. Crye AC Combat Shirt Crye AC Combat Trousers w/ Airflex Knee Pads Blackhawk! Riggers Belt Platatac LD Pouch (Multicam) Mechanix Original Gloves (Black/White) Casio G-Shock G-100-1BV Aku NS564 (Desert) Warrior DCS - Warrior Double NSR Mag Pouch (1x Single, 1x Double) - Warrior MBITR Pouch w/ Spartan Tactical PRC-148 Shell (real U183 connector) & Remote Aeriel - Platatac Tear-Off IFAK Pouch - PIG 2L Hydration Pouch w/ Source 2L Bladder *IR Union Jack, Perroz Designs 3M Callsign Patch, C.A.T. Motorola XTN446 GWS Silynx C4ops w/ Emerson Motorola 2-pin connector Heroshark Custom Half-Face Mesh Mask ESS Advancer V12 Goggles w/ Heroshark Custom Mesh Lenses
  7. Blackjack13

    AR15 Variants and Derivitives Picture Thread

    To take one of TheReptileHouse's phrases; my CivMil build. I built this (or more had it built as I don't do technical) as a sort of civilian free build, but with heavy 'Mil.' influence. In short it's basically an updated Block1.5 build with a healthy dose of FDE Magpul. Although this never actually got 100% completed I feel I should document it now before it gets sent off to Project PTW for it's transformation. Systema PTW CQB-R Max 2012 *Full works courtesy of Tackleberry Knights Armament Co. RAS Knights Armament Co. Vertical Foregrip Magpul MOE Grip/Trigger Guard Magpul CTR Tackleberry's Magpul PMags PTS Magpul ASAP HurricanE EOtech 553 VFC PEQ-15 VFC KAC Micro 600m Flip-Up BUIS Blue Force Gear Padded VCAS (Multicam) w/ BFG 1" Sling Swivel CQD Forward Sling Mount - Originally I ran this with a rig-mounted single-point sling, hence the ASAP, however I switched it up to the BFG which I prefer stock mounted. - I wasn't a fan of the VCAS with HK Hooks, hence why it's simply wrapped around the forward sling mount. Not how it's intended to be used, but it works. - It was painted but I didn't like how it turned it back so stripped it. Then the lighting in these photos turned it blue.
  8. Blackjack13

    Pics of your Gear

    Nice. Where do you guys get the Crye M4 mag pouches from? I'm after three but can't find them on eBay; is it just a case of you Yanks being jammy with your awesome surplus stores or am I missing a trick here?
  9. Blackjack13

    Pictures of you in the field or at a game

    I don't remember Munich having gimps... might be wrong though.
  10. Blackjack13

    Pictures of your Plate Carriers

    Tidy. Although that set-up wouldn't work for me, you've clearly thought it out and know what works for you! It's obviously not a throw everything on in the hopes it looks cool get-up.
  11. Blackjack13

    Pictures of your Plate Carriers

    I don't mean to be a *rickroll*, but I don't understand that set-up. How do you access/use half those pouches? How do you shoulder your rifle? Are you right or left handed, or are you so ambidextrous that you make Chris Costa your *badgeress*? When are cyalumes more important than reloads? When's an admin pouch more important than reloads? Why do you even have an admin pouch when you've already got velcro on the upper chest and two empty utility pouches? Although as you're running 8+1 primary mags you probably won't need them, where are your pistol mags? I think you've got the potential for a good set-up there, but how it's laid out at the moment doesn't seem efficient. *I'm overly blunt at times, just ask Spetz....
  12. Blackjack13

    Pics of your Gear

    New swag: - GWS Silynx C4ops (need to speak to THS about getting one of the 1000 plugs that attach to the 100 cables rewired to work with an XTN446) - Mechanix Original Gloves (Black/White) - Mechanix Original Vent Gloves (Covert Black)
  13. I'm after an EOtech 553 (or an EXPS3-0), so am keeping an eye on HBT for when yours drop! If anyone knows: How do these compare to the HurricanE EOtech replicas? Ignoring the obvious price difference of about $100, on a like for like with regards to build/material quality and performance how do these stand up? I've owned the HurricanE 552 and it was fantastic so have no issue buying one of their 553's, but if i can get a same spec sight for $100 less I wouldn't turn my nose up at it!
  14. Blackjack13

    Pictures of your Plate Carriers

    True, but just because someone does something doesn't mean it's right. Hell, there are numerous pics of actual soldiers with gear set-ups that make no sense and who get slated by both their peers and airsofters. The discussion isn't about whether or not the rig CAN take the weight; unless you're running real SAPI plates, PTW/GBBR mags, full IFAK, etc. it's unlikely you're going to come close to the weight that real 'operators' carry. It's more about an aspect of realism, which although subject to personal preference (after all, airsoft is a hobby that is done for fun, so by no means does someone 'need' to run a realistic kit, they can run whatever they like), is commonly regarded as the biggest appeal of airsoft. The HSLD PC's aren't designed to carry that sort of weight in the real, which is why you typically don't see actual soldiers loading them up to that degree. If you want your kit to be realistic, then you run it as they run it. If you don't then you don't, it doesn't really matter.
  15. Blackjack13

    Pics of your Gear

    Picked up a Casio G-Shock G-100-1BV yesterday. Lovely watch, fits great and weighs nothing. That being said it is actually rather small, and if it weren't for the brand I'd have reservations about it's durability. Might pick up a Mudman next, see how I like it in comparison.

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